Having a unique hairstyle is one way to create a personal look, but shaving your head is another way to make that bold statement that you be looking for.  Shaving your head can be a great option for those looking for a new style, or for guys that area dealing with thinning hair.  However, if you do decide to make this move, it’s crucial to know how to actually take care of your shaved head, since it may be more work than most guys think. Here’s a quick guide to men’s head shaving from 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Westwood.

Keep A Consistent Shaving Routine

After you shave your head, it won’t change the rate that your hair grows back. This may seem faster than you expect, since before it was difficult to see how much your hair was growing, and now you’ll be able to see and feel any new hair growth right away. To keep your head looking clean and well groomed, you will need to maintain a consistent head shaving routine. You can shave your head at home, or you can head into a professional men’s salon, such as 18|8 Westwood, to handle it for you.

Have Antiperspirant On Hand

You may have never noticed, but your head sweats, a lot more than you probably expect. Normally, all of this seat is soaked up by your hair, which in this case, is no longer going to be there.  Also, your head is now exposed to the elements, with the sun beating down right on your scalp.  More than likely, you’re not going to want to be walking around dripping with sweat, so the easiest solution is to put some antiperspirant directly onto your scalp.

Avoid Sunburns

On the topic of your head being exposed to the sun, sunburns are something that you should be very conscious of, since a scalp sunburn will hurt. Just as you would apply antiperspirant to prevent the sweat, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your head before you go out to prevent not only sunburns, but skin damage as well.  You can also simply cover your head with a hat, bandana, or other headwear.  

Shampoo & Moisturize Regularly

But I have no hair, why should I use shampoo? Well, using shampoo on your shaved head does sound strange, but it will make sure that any oils and dirt that are trapped in your skin get washed away for a clean and healthy feeling.  Wash your head and you’ll be thankful that you did.

While you’re keeping you shaved head clean, don’t forget to moisturize too, since sun exposure can dry out your skin. The moisturizer will help provide your head with all of the essential oils and vitamins that it needs to continue looking healthy.