18|8 takes education seriously and knows that it’s great hairdressers that have made our salons so successful. We know what works; we’d like to show you.

Stylist Education with an Edge

All employees at 18|8 are enrolled in an initial training curriculum, followed by an energetic, cutting-edge program of ongoing style and fashion training.

Stylist Ongoing Education

When you first join the team at 18|8, we know you can cut hair. That’s why we hired you! We want to help you build a better, stronger career, so we take you through our proven methodology of systems. These systems have made hundreds of stylists around the country better and more confident.

  • Handcrafted haircuts
  • Straight blade razor shaves
  • Lifestyle grooming treatments

All training is conducted by a certified STEEL Team educator and you’ll also get in on quarterly workshops held at your home location. The education series at 18/8 is designed to take you from great to phenomenal, with additional training on cultivating a thriving client list, with marketing support and business building programs.