It’s that time again. You see yourself in the mirror with dissatisfying stubble or a lengthy beard that needs to begin anew. You pick up your dull razor blade and cringe as you prepare for the discomfort that is soon to come. Before you take that first stroke, you may ask yourself “is this really the best a man can get?”. Well gentlemen, we are here to tell you that you that you can have a better, more comfortable shave with a classic straight razor shave from 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon.

Why Get A Classic Shave?

Frankly, visiting a barber for a straight razor shave is one of the last known ventures that is exclusively just for men. Sitting in the barber’s chair and letting an artist perform artistry is a gentleman’s escape from all the stresses of the world.

Complete with a hot towel, hot lather, and an aromatic hot towel finish, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as coming in for a straight razor shave. Plus, it leaves you feeling smoother than you would with just a regular shave at home.

In addition to the numerous other relaxing accolades that may be attributed to the classic shave, nothing provokes masculinity in grooming like a straight shave. It’s about the entire experience when you come in to 18/8; you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process without having to worry about cutting yourself (we’ve all been there) or making a wrong move. Our barbers are skilled professionals – trust us, they know what they’re doing!

Shaving used to be something more than just a chore to ensure that you look presentable at the office. There was a time when gentlemen would kick back in a barber’s chair and get treated with fine oils, heated towels, and a relaxing shave. This shaving ritual is not limited to the history books however. Visit 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in San Diego to experience a truly classic shave fit for a true gentleman! Give us a call at (858) 914-5418 or book online.