men's eyebrow waxing san diego

Eyebrows occupy some important real estate on the human face and play a big role in expressing how we feel. They’re the exclamation marks above a big smile, the question marks when asking an important question, and the period when you’re making a good point in a conversation. They enhance and emphasize what we say with our eyes. In terms of non-verbal communication, our brows are among the most important tools we have to work with (if you disagree, take a look at the strange state of the world without eyebrows)! When groomed properly, a good set of eyebrows can make all the difference.

Here’s everything you need to know about men’s eyebrow waxing in San Diego.

Start With Why

Look, your nineteen year-old self might have gotten away with letting those beefy brows grow freely, but this situation changes over time. Unlike our hairlines, our eyebrows fill in and get progressively bushier as we get older. As we stated earlier, they are among the first thing a person sees in any face-to-face- greeting, so their grooming status is important. In 2017, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be looking after your brows. Getting an eyebrow waxing is not about vanity or self-indulgence; it’s simply good housekeeping.

It’s Fashion-Forward

Eyebrows are in fashion right now. You don’t necessarily need long, short, or even thick eyebrows to make an impression (just look at this interesting list of celebrities who make a range of looks work for them). Everyone has the potential for great looking brows, but you’ve got to put in the time and effort to groom them. But before you take a set of tweezers or (heaven forbid) a razor to your eyebrows, speak to a professional who can advise you on what length, width,u and density will complement your face and add value. While there is no such thing as the perfect eyebrow, there are definitely plenty of examples of badly butchered eyebrows.

Long-Term Benefits

Plucking is a slow and painful fix. When you wax your eyebrows, the hair is removed at the root, giving your skin smooth finish that lasts for weeks at a time. It also has incremental benefits; your hair will grow back softer, which makes it easier to remove a second (or third, fourth and five) time around. For anyone who suffers from razor burn or has experienced a bad reaction to threading, this is also a much gentler option on your skin.

Less Really Is More

When it comes to waxing your brows, less is more. There’s no need to go overboard and remove more than what’s needed; remember, you can always take more off, but adding it back is a problem. You’ll also want to maintain natural lines that will complement your face, not detract from it.

The P-Word (Pain)

Women deserve medals of bravery for enduring primitive hair removal practices that have paved the way for modern men! Getting your eyebrows waxed is not a painful experience (like threading, for example). In fact, at 18|8 San Diego, it’s a very fast, easy process that’s finished in 15 minutes or less, in the care of a trained cosmetologist.

See A Professional

Waxing your eyebrows is not something you want to try at home. There’s an art to striking the right balance, maintaining natural lines, and keeping hot wax from dripping into your eyes. To do this properly, see a trained cosmetologist at 18|8 San Diego.

Think Outside the Brow

Unfortunately, our eyebrows aren’t the only areas where hair grows thicker and wilder as we get older. While you’re getting your eyebrows waxed, we can round out the experience by taking care of your ears, nose, back, and arms.

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