highlights for men

Highlights for men have come a long way since the days of frosted tips and multicolored soul patches (alá Guy Fieri). As men’s fashion has matured, so have our options for using color to enhance your look – not define it. That’s the keyword here: enhance. Subtle, well-executed highlights are making a comeback but not without some new ground rules.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here are three helpful tips to keep in mind before you take the plunge.

1. Speak to a Professional

First things first: book an appointment and speak to a professional who understands your hair type, your needs, and your options. Highlight your hair at your own risk. Using peroxide and lemon juice are no longer socially acceptable options for adult men! The same applies to home-kit hair dye. It’s fine for your fifteen year old son or nephew, but you’re past that now.

2. Know Your Needs

You know what they say – different strokes for different folks. Highlights are added to subtly enhance depth and texture in your hair; to catch the sun and give your hairstyle a look of natural vitality, like you’ve spent a good deal of time outside this summer. What works for someone with very thick, dark hair will not be the same for someone with much lighter, thinner hair. Too much artificial color can damage certain hair types, or create an unintentionally dramatic effect. Factors like your hair density, length, and style all play a critical role in what will give you a natural lift.

Before you come in for your appointment, take some time to bookmark a few celeb or style icons with highlights and hair that is similar to yours. Obviously, pick people with a style you like. That’ll help our stylists get a baseline for what you want and get the conversation started. Every little bit helps, and we want to make sure we get your style just right.

3. Think Long-Term

To make your highlights last and grow out naturally, you need the right shampoo and hair product to preserve the color and protect your hair – and you’ll need to use these daily or every other day. This will help keep your hair soft and give it that natural feel, even after you have stripped it of color and caused dryness. This is another area where our team can offer advice and guidance, to give you maximum value.

We are proud to offer high quality men’s hair coloring services in San Diego. Make an appointment today and give hair highlights for men a try!