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Manscaping is growing in popularity among San Diego men. It cleverly combines “man” and “landscaping” to create a memorable word that describes a new generation of men’s hygiene. While men used to be okay with overgrown beards and wild chest hair, times have changed and 18|8 4S Ranch clients want a look that’s clean cut and trimmed.

Manscaping means to “shave, clean, and remove superfluous male body hair”. Some people mistake it to only mean removing hair in the groin area, but it actually means to clean and groom hair all around the body.

But manscaping is so much more than hair removal. It’s a lifestyle for men to take care of their bodies. It promotes a clean, well-groomed body with high self-esteem. Unfortunately, many men in San Diego don’t recognize the need for manscaping. They suffer from dry skin and overgrown hair and don’t look their best. Thankfully 18|8 4S Ranch is here to help San Diego men with their grooming needs.

Manscaping Is For All Men

Don’t make the mistake of thinking manscaping is for men who are already well-groomed and confident. It’s for guys with shaggy beards and overgrown hair who are figuring out how to groom themselves. Thankfully it’s never too late (or early) to start manscaping.

Manscaping does not exclude any man. Even though different cultures have different images of what manscaping looks like, we know that for many San Diego men, a nicely smooth chest and back are popular; especially during the summer!

Maybe taking care of your looks was never a priority. It’s not uncommon for men to teach other men that their hygiene is not as important, but here at 18|8 San Diego beg to differ. How you present yourself matters not only to coworkers, family, friends, but most importantly, to yourself.

Develop Great Hygiene

Use manscaping to develop great hygiene. While having great hygiene may seem simple for some men, it’s actually quite difficult for others. No need to fret though, because to develop a great sense of hygiene is something that takes time to develop.

What many men fail to recognize is that men don’t develop great hygiene routines overnight. In fact, the best hygiene routines change and develop over time depending on your needs and desires. So don’t be surprised if you change a number of times you wax your eyebrows per month or trim your beard. The number of times doesn’t matter too much as long as you develop great habits that fit your lifestyle.

Great hygiene can also improve your health and well-being. Trimming unnecessary body hair can reduce your chance of getting infections and keep unwanted parasites out of your body.

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Build Self-Esteem

In addition to being great for your body, manscaping is great for your mind as well. You can build a greater sense of self-esteem by taking care of your body, and it brings a strong sense of confidence and masculinity into your life. If grooming your body can bring such positive effects to your life, why wouldn’t you do it?

Confidence in yourself begins with your looks. Even men who are not the most good-looking feel confident in their body image if they groom themselves. Successful men are not the ones who look the best. They are the ones who feel the best about themselves when they step out of their house and head to work.

Perhaps the most important thing to know is that building high self-esteem does not happen overnight (just like good hygiene). It differs depending on who you are. It could take a few weeks or months to really feel the effects of manscaping or a few days. Don’t worry too much about when you start feeling different, just take the steps to start the journey toward building a confident mindset.

Don’t Manscape On Your Own

Not sure where to start? Manscaping requires you to lean on knowledge and advice from other people who are already experienced in grooming – so even though you may not want to admit that you don’t know too much about manscaping, it’s okay. We have plenty of great resources for you!

18/8 San Diego offers plenty of grooming services including waxing for your eyebrows, nose, back, and arms. It’s an easy, painless process that cleans up your body pretty much instantaneously.

We also offer classic shaves if you want a beard trimmed or get the freshest haircut.


Manscaping is so much more than trimming body hair. It includes decisions that promote cleanliness, confidence, and good hygiene to make you happier. Check out our blog where you can find grooming tips and information, we are here as a resource. If you want tips, tricks, and advice on grooming in San Diego, schedule an appointment or call us at 858-914-5418.