mens manicure
Nail care is something that guys don’t usually focus on when it comes to their own personal grooming, but it is something you should be thinking about from time to time! Nails are still a part of your body and therefore part of your look. If you’re trying to look like a classy, stylish gentleman, getting a mens manicure every once in a while may be just the thing you’re looking for! At 18|8 Men’s Salon San Diego, we offer a specialty mens manicure and pedicures that designed specifically for men, so you can forget that whole misconception that nail treatments are only for women – you don’t need to add nail polish or any extras! Learn more about our nail treatments below, then come and see what the 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon experience is all about for yourself so you can look your best.

The Mens Manicure Treatment

Something most guys don’t realize is that your fingernails are always visible. They get even more spotlight when you go to shake hands, point at something on your phone, or any number of other situations. In order to avoid having dirty, embarrassing nails and cuticles, come down to 18|8 for our specialty mens manicure – which we like to call “The Man-icure”!

Each men’s nail treatment lasts a full 30 minutes to give your hands and nails the attention that they need to look and feel great. We start with a nail and cuticle treatment, cleaning and trimming them to give them a well-groomed look. We also apply a mask and scrub to your hands for a cleansing and rejuvenating feeling, To make the experience just that much sweeter – in true 18|8 fashion – we finish with a hand and arm massage so you can relax from your stressful and tiring day.

The San Diego Manicure Package

This package was designed for the modern gentlemen that want to cover all the essentials and always look at the top of their game. The Man-icure package at 18|8 of San Diego includes a full nail treatment with a manicure and pedicure, plus the signature 18|8 Executive Haircut with an aromatic hot towel finish.

With your fresh haircut and expertly groomed hands and feet, you’ll feel like a brand new man ready to take on the new year.

Book Your Nail Treatment Today!

Why go to a regular nail salon when you can go to a fine men’s salon that is tailored to you? Book your appointment for a mens manicure and pedicure at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon San Diego! Give us a call at (858) 914-5418 or book online.