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What’s better than saving money on a mens haircut in San Diego? Saving time, energy, AND money. At 18|8 San Diego, we have your best interest in mind. That’s why we offer executive memberships to you. Our Executive Memberships are the best way to ensure savings when you get a men’s haircut at 4S Ranch San Diego. Starting at $294, the Executive Membership is loaded with amazing perks that are perfect for any man.

1. Saves you over $100

If you’re going to spend money on haircuts every month, you might as well save money! 18|8’s Executive Membership is a phenomenal way to help your wallet. It’s an investment in a unique haircut experience that barbershops and other salons don’t offer.

The Executive Membership offers 7 cleanups in addition to 7 Executive Haircuts. The cleanups are quick fixes for you in between regular haircuts. Our stylist shaves the back of your neck, cleans up your sides, and may even trim the top (if necessary) to ensure your haircut looks as fresh as when you got it. A few weeks after your cut, cleanups are our unique way of keeping your hair looking pristine.

2. Saves you time

We offer advanced scheduling. While most barbershops ask you to wait in line, we will ensure that you’re taken care of the moment you arrive. When you enter the salon, you’re whisked away to our comfortable waiting area while your stylist prepares for you.

Because you’ve paid for 14 cuts (7 executive haircuts and 7 clean-ups), you can schedule all of your haircuts ahead of time. This means if you want a haircut every first Saturday of the month, you can be locked into the calendar. You can even pick your stylist. This helps you avoid the stress of figuring out how long you’re going to be in the salon. Working with your schedule, we give you the highest priority and ensure that you’re taken care of.

Changing or moving appointments is also quick and easy. If something comes up and you can’t show up for your scheduled appointment, just give us a call and we’ll gladly adjust your appointment. We handle the scheduling so that when you show up, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your haircut experience.

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3. You get 15% off all grooming products

That’s right – an incredible 15% off all of retail products! You get to choose from Griffs, American Crew, Esquire (our latest addition!), Go247, DS labs, and Paul Mitchell – there are tons of great products to choose from.

These products range from hair thickening cream to electronic hair drying brushes (yep – you read that right). With a multitude to choose from, getting 15% off is like choosing gold out of a gold mine. Another benefit is that you can use the discount anytime. You don’t need to use it after or before a haircut; just come in whenever and grab the products you want. They are the perfect gifts for any man who needs to upgrade their grooming products.

4. Get half-off a service of your choice

In addition to saving money on retail products, you can experience one of our elite services half off. Not many hair salons can say they offer half-off grey blending, scalp treatment, facials, manicures/pedicures, or classic shaves to loyal customers! These elite services can be conveniently scheduled before or after a haircut to make things easier for you. See our full list of services here.

5. Experience a 5-minute shoulder and neck massage

Unwinding during a haircut has never been easier. We offer 5-minute shoulder and neck massages that only come with Executive Haircuts (you get seven of those!). It’s a relaxing service that deep massages all of the neck muscles and around the shoulders. It just adds a little extra relaxation to an already-great service.

6. Develop a strong relationship with your stylist

This ensures the highest quality cut. Seeing one stylist up to 14 times is a great way to get to know him or her; you’ll develop a bond and hopefully feel comfortable communicating your specific hair needs to them. They’ll also have the chance to become familiar with your hair, head shape, and grooming needs.

18|8 is all about making sure your experience is exceptional. Our employees are also certified with Eyes on Cancer training, which means they’ve learned how to look for signs of skin cancer while cutting your hair to ensure that you are protected.

The best reason to develop a strong relationship with your stylist is that your cut will be consistent. You know you can trust them to cut your hair well and deliver time after time. And if you want to try something new, you can depend on them because they already know about your grooming style.

7. Enjoy relaxing haircuts

At the end of the day, 18|8 strives to deliver phenomenal haircuts in a relaxing environment.

We have a host of features that make our haircuts unique. With semi-private booths, you can ensure an uninterrupted relaxing haircut experience. Every booth also has a washing station so you don’t need to move when the stylist washes your hair. Hot towels dipped in bay rum massage your shoulders and wake you up after each cut; not to mention the complimentary, beer, soda, or water when you arrive!

Signing up for an Executive Membership is easy. Just call (858) 914-5418 or BOOK ONLINE HERE.