If you’re a guy whose wardrobe consists primarily of second-hand button downs, baggy jeans and free t-shirts, you’re likely a good candidate for a man makeover! Looking great makes you feel great, plus if you’re a working man who wants to look professional, you have to look like one in order to be treated like one. Which means it might be time for that haircut you’ve been sporting since high school to go! It’s amazing how much a few small changes in your appearance can inject a whole new sense of confidence and energy into your attitude. Here are some quick mens hair, style, and makeover tips that can help you seamlessly transition your everyday look into your workplace.

Update Your Wardrobe

Spend a day during the weekend and determine what to keep and what to dump. Use the old one-year rule here: If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. Keep some of the basics that will serve as foundations for your ensembles like decent pants, shirts and suits in classic colors like navy, black and gray.

Business casual is all the rage right now. In order to rock this look, you need to focus on wearing well-fitting dress pants and dress shirts with a matching belt and shoes. The key to nailing the business casual look is to wear fitted clothing. All the big chain department stores sell business shirts, pants, and shoes that look clean and sharp. If you don’t have a blazer, plan on picking one up in a black, brown, gray, or navy color (something earth toned is always a good choice for the workplace).

During the cool weather months, you might want to have a few sweaters to wear. Choose sweaters that you can mix and match well with the other items in your wardrobe.

Pick up Some Smart Accessories

Shoes: As far as shoes go, one or two good pairs should do the trick. Avoid slip-ons and instead embrace laces, as laced shoes are more professional looking. Black shoes go best with dark clothing while brown shoes match earth toned shirts, blazers, and pants.

Belts: Stay away from cloth belts and stick to leather. One black belt and one brown belt should suffice. There will be days you’ll want to wear a tie, like a big meeting or client dinner, so pick up a few silk ties to ensure you have one that matches what you’re wearing.

Briefcase: That big ugly leather briefcase your dad gave you should head straight to the attic and be swapped for a laptop bag or a shoulder messenger-style bag! Whether your preference is leather, nylon, or hard-shell, just make sure the bag you buy looks professional and is comfortable to carry.

Go in for a Fresh Haircut or a New Hairstyle

Without a doubt, your hairstyle is one of the most crucial parts of your overall look. Instead of heading to the corner barbershop to get your hair cut, it’s essential to see a stylist that can shape and mold your hair. Go with a low maintenance hairstyle that won’t take you 30 minutes each morning to fix. If you don’t know what hairstyle is best suited for your hair and face type, ask your stylist! Do keep your workplace environment in mind when choosing a style. If you work in a very professional setting, you can go with an avant-garde style without looking out of place. The undercut hairstyle is chic and versatile, and the modern pompadour is super trendy right now.

As your mens hair is being styled, ask your 18|8 San Diego stylist or barber what they suggest for your new cut and style regarding your sideburns, beard, or goatee. If you’ve been sporting a beard or ‘stache for years, maybe it’s time to shave it off. Doing so may reveal a great new you!

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