Whether you’re going gray and want to restore the vibrancy of your natural hair color, or you’re looking to make a bold statement with a color that’s more out there, 18|8 San Diego has what you need to give you that perfect look that fits your style.

When it comes to something like adding color to your hair, you may start to wonder how exactly all this extra stuff that you’re putting in and on your hair is affecting it in both the short and long run.  That’s why we put together a quick guide about hair coloring and some facts about how it affects your hair. 

How Permanent Hair Coloring Works

Every piece of your hair has a protective outer layer called the “cuticle”, that functions like a protective wrapping for the inner parts of your hair where the actual pigment that gives your hair color is located.  In order to change the color of your hair, we need to get past the cuticle and manipulate that inner layer that has the pigment.  

When coloring your hair, it starts with using ammonia, which relaxes the cuticle by raising its pH level.  When it becomes “relaxed” the cuticle literally lifts up to allow access to the inner layers of your hair.  Next comes peroxide, which breaks down your natural color pigment in the inner layers, making room for the new color pigment to enter your hair.  After the color is applied, rinsing your hair will restore the cuticle to its original state, and the new color will be set.    

How Temporary Hair Coloring Works

Temporary hair color has a much simpler process since it’s only meant to last for a very short time, and is perfect for those looking to just try something new without the huge commitment. Instead of using ammonia to lift up the cuticle in order to color the inside of your hair, temporary hair color actually stick to the cuticle instead. Since it’s on the outside of your hair, you still get the visual effect of your hair being colored, but makes it more susceptible to water and outside elements, causing it to fade and disappear more rapidly.  

Leave It To The Styling Experts At 18|8 San Diego!

While temporary coloring is simple and can be done easily at home, if you’re thinking about getting permanent color in your hair or need some gray blending, just book your appointment her at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of San Diego.  To book your men’s haircut or color appointment, just give us a call at (858) 914-5418 or use our online booking form!