men's grooming products summer essentials

Summer is right around the corner, and that (hopefully) means a lot of beach days and vacation time! Even though San Diego is pretty gorgeous year-round, it’s still nice to get away. Unfortunately, leaving paradise also means leaving our temperate climate, and other places can be hot this time of year. If you forget things like sunscreen and the right clothes and other men’s grooming products, you’ll be stuck with a nasty sunburn for the rest of your vacay.

Navigate the packing list minefield with our list of men’s grooming essentials your summer regimen can’t do without; that way, you can relax and worry about what really matters (like when it’s acceptable to crack open your first beer).

Hair Pomade

A  light, matte hair pomade can go a long way during the summer. They not only allow hair to maintain its natural movement and texture, but the effect also helps hair appear thicker and more texturized.

Warm up a medium coin-sized amount in your palms (this helps make the product easier to control) and apply evenly to your locks for a style that’ll hold without making your head sweat. We loveReuzel Clay Matte Pomade ($9.25-$17.50).

Detoxing Shampoo

Skin and hair are made up of the same stuff (keratin), so it makes sense that lazy days on the beach or the pool can be equally bad on both. Hair is sensitized by sun, sea water, and chlorine build-up, which can make it feel dry and sometimes become discolored.

To combat this, arm yourself with a detoxing shampoo – ideally with a UV filter – and couple it with a peppermint conditioner for a cooling effect that will help calm the scalp after exposure to the sun. We love: Griff’s Scalp Cleanser ($21); it’s packed with aloe, natural peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils.

Sun Protection

Classic sunscreen no longer cuts it. They’re either thick enough to absorb, but feel clammy afterwards, or they’re too slick to sink in, leaving you looking like an awkward lifeguard. Instead, look for a spray that distributes evenly and is quickly absorbed. Water-resistance is a must, too. Obviously you’ll have to reapply after spending hours in the sunshine, but the product you choose should at least have the staying power to resist sweat.

Pro-tip: opt for SPF no less than 30 and let your tan build up gradually. The color you gain from using a higher SPF over a longer period is far superior to the burn-and-peel of an SPF 4. We love: Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen, SPF 70 ($8.75 on Amazon).

Hydrating Matte Moisturizer

The effect the sun’s rays have on your face can leave your skin looking oily and shiny. To combat this, pick up a matte moisturizer that’s at least SPF 30. Look for something that specifically mentions keeping shine in check – it’s more likely to be invisible, non-greasy, and won’t block your pores. We love: Clinique For Men Oil-Control Mattifying Moisturizer ($27).

Lip Balm

Your lips lack melanin – the skin pigment that protects you from the sun – and are therefore at high risk from skin-damaging UV rays. So when the mercury rises, break out the minerals – namely zinc oxide. The aim is to find one that doesn’t come off in the water, but wipes off once you’re out of the sun. Look for a balm that contains zinc oxide, an inorganic compound that sits on top of your lips rather than being absorbed and providing a physical barrier that deflects both UVA and UVB rays. We love: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 ($7.50).

Travel-Size Bottles

There are few things worse than being forced to leave your go-to men’s grooming products at airport security, all because you failed to spot that it was 5ml too large. Aside from the general airport embarrassment, failing to plan ahead will also leave you desperately scrambling around the nearest CVS for an inevitably poor substitute.

Don’t leave it to chance! Transfer all of your essential grooming products into a set of travel-sized bottles and spray containers. They’re fantastically cheap, designed to meet all carry-on requirements, and super easy to find at your local pharmacy. Or, if you don’t have the time to transfer your own products over, opt for a pre-packed travel grooming kit like this one.

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