men's grooming habits

They say that your thirties are the new twenties. You’ve lived through the wildest and most care-free days of your life, and now have experience on your side as well as a good chunk of youth left in the bank. You’re ready to take on bigger challenges, think bigger about life, and blaze a trail toward the future.

With all of that extra responsibility, your thirties is also prime time to ditch those bad grooming habits from yesteryear (think: pizza three times a week and refusing to do laundry until the last minute). Today, we’ll unpack the ones you should leave behind and talk through some of the ways you can brighten your thirties.

Biting Your Nails

This is a biggie. Nails are important. Every time you shake hands, take clients out to lunch or tell an important story, your hands are on display. Nails that are broken and jagged from biting tell people two critical things about your personal life: you are managing stress or anxiety by taking it out on your fingers, and you’re not heavily invested in personal hygiene. The negative impacts of biting your nails range from damaging your teeth to ingesting all manner of germs and bacteria (research shows that your nails are twice as dirty as your fingers). None of these sends a positive message.

It’s been said that it takes twenty-one days to break one habit and form another. Biting your nails is not easy to quit, especially if you’ve been doing it for years. Habits are comforting. One way is to invest in your nails by getting an invaluable nail treatment.

Shaving in the Shower

Mornings can be a scramble. We get it. By now, some of you might have kids to feed, lunches to make, and carpools to coordinate. Maybe it’s 30 minutes of exercise that you can’t live without. No matter how action-packed your mornings have become, this is no time to start shaving in the shower to speed track your morning routine. Trust us – it’s not worth the razor burn, crooked beard-lines, and ingrown hairs.

The biggest lifehack for getting a decent shave in every week is scheduling a weekly appointment at 18|8. By making this all-important ritual a part of your weekly routine, you’ll correctly prioritize it and get the benefits of San Diego’s best straight razor shave.

Shaving Your Eyebrows

If you’ve got a formidable uni-brow or just particularly bushy brows, you should not be using a razor to fix the problem. Your eyebrows deserve the same level of respect given to beards and hairstyles. If you’re new to the world of eyebrow waxing (or manscaping in general), we’d highly recommend reading this!

Cutting Your Own Hair

Self-inflicted bowl cuts might work for your fifteen-year-old cousin, but it’s not going to win points at the next board meeting or when pitching to clients. Your thirties is as good a time as any to start getting your hair cut by a professional. It’s not about selling out or getting a stock-standard hairstyle your parents would approve; this is an opportunity to get really personal and use your hairstyle to communicate something about yourself. To embrace fashion as a way of refining your image. To give you a good idea of how to work with your stylist, take a look at these tips outlined here.

Over-Whitening Your Teeth

Look, clean and whitened teeth are a good thing. Who doesn’t want a healthy, magnetic smile?
But there’s a line between looking like the type of guy who brushes at least twice a day and a creepy mannikin. Aside from the aesthetic downsides to over whitening your teeth, you also run the risk of stripping your teeth of essential enamel and causing severe sensitivity. Stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines or only see a dentist when whitening.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Back in the day, you might have been able to skate by on four hours of sleep. Even toward your late twenties, you might have been able to pull off the occasional all-nighter. But those days should be over. From here out, as your metabolism starts to slow down and focus is spread across larger priorities, getting enough sleep is increasingly more important. The benefits of a good night’s sleep range from improving short and long term memory, to being alert for longer, to improving cell regeneration and the ability to build muscle. For more on that, check out this helpful article.

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