manscaping 101 At 18|8 San Diego, our mission is to make you look so good your mirror will notice – and as we’ve said before, that doesn’t just mean giving you a great haircut. While the hair on your head is important, most guys get hair a bit below – and also quite a bit below – the neck, and it’s critical that you keep all of your body hair looking trim and neat if you want to look your best in any situation. With that in mind, here are some do’s and don’ts for manscaping.


Invest in the Right Tools

A disposable razor and some dollar store shaving cream may cut it in a last-minute situation, but when it comes to shaving you’re going to want to invest in a little more quality. Some companies sell specially purposed “manscaping” trimmers, but all you really want is a good beard trimmer.

Trim Above the Waist

While manscaping is often thought to refer specifically to the nether regions, the truth is that you should do some above-belt clean up too. This doesn’t mean meticulously shave every strand of your body hair, but cutting back areas that get a little too Tarzan-y can go a long way towards a clean, attractive look.


Wax at Home

While an even trim will probably present you with no problem on your own, this isn’t true with every hair removal procedure – and waxing in particular. Any attempt at giving yourself a waxing will likely end in blood, tears, and potential scarring – so do yourself a favor and let one of our barbers give you a professional waxing treatment.

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