Dealing with a sunburned scalp, especially in sunny San Diego, can be inconvenient and painful; it’s itchy, painful, and potentially damaging to your skin. The scalp is typically the last place you think about protecting, but a bad burn can happen pretty quickly and become a painful reminder to always put on sunscreen. Thankfully, all is not lost if you do end up with a sunburned scalp! Try these six quick remedies for treating scalp sunburn.

1. Avoid the sun

It seems like common sense to avoid the sun after a bad burn, as even sunburned skin can become more damaged; but many of us don’t think about it until the burn gets even worse. Even if your skin isn’t peeling, it’s best to avoid any more exposure.

It’s a bad idea to be in the sun at all if you’re sunburned. If you have to be outside make sure to stay in the shade. If you have thinning hair, or if you’re balding, the best way to prevent damage on your scalp is to wear a hat on your head.  Check out our ScalpMetics scalp treatment to treat the flaking and encourage healthy follicle growth.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Sunburned skin is just skin that’s dried out. The best way to heal is to moisturize it with conditioners and lotions that are gentle to your damaged skin. Make sure to avoid harsh soaps and hydrate yourself throughout the day.

According to, use a gentle moisturizing lotion or conditioner. They soothe irritation and calm swelling. You will need to re-apply daily to make sure your skin get more dried out.

We recommend these 2 products for moisturizing

Griff’s Scalp Conditioner

This conditioner is made with green tea, camellia leaf, and coconut oil to soothe burned scalps. It also has black tea to help stimulate damaged skin cells.

Go 247 Conditioner

This conditioner has vitamin E which restores nutrients and promotes growth. It’s filled with menthol to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

3. Try a home remedy

Home-made remedies vary in effectiveness. However, most are quite easy to make. They’re cheaper than aloe vera and easy to make out of household supplies.

The most common home-made recipe is mixing baking soda and water. This pasty concoction serves as an immediate reliever to sunburned scalps.

Another great recipe is finely ground oatmeal mixed with the bath water. This serves as an anti-inflammatory to relieve skin and soothe burns.

Home-made remedies are useful for soothing pain, but you should always have a professional look at it. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon San Diego, our employees are trained by Eyes On Cancer to look for signs of cancer. So if you have any questions, come in and speak to a professional.

4. Keep aloe vera on hand

This is nature’s natural sunburn medication. It heals your skin faster over-the-counter medicine. It’s soothing qualities make sure that sunburns are not as damaging. It works effectively not just for the scalp, but for the neck and face.

It’s best to apply aloe vera habitually for days to avoid peeling. We recommend putting it on twice a day, morning and night, to ensure damaged skin gets re-moisturized.

5. Take shorter showers

Taking a shower that’s less than a minute hydrates your skin. Since a sunburned scalp is extremely dried out skin, taking a quick shower re-moisturizes it. Make sure that you don’t stay too long in the shower or else it backfires and further damages your skin.

While shampooing, avoid dandruff shampoo at all costs. While it’s great for dead skin, it damages sunburned skin. Plus, it’s more painful because it’s filled with stronger chemicals.

Most importantly, don’t scratch your head. While it may be itchy and/or peeling, it’s best to be gentle to your damaged skin. If your hair is damaged, you may want to moisturize the scalp and stop by 18/8 to get a haircut especially if you have frequent sun exposure to make sure your scalp is healthy. In collaboration with EYES ON CANCER, our stylists are certified to look for signs of skin cancer while you get a haircut.

7. Try over-the-counter medicine

Although a sunburned scalp is external, taking medicine internally can help. If nothing else is bringing you relief and you’ve tried everything topically, taking an ibuprofen or even aspirin can decrease inflammation and help with pain. It soothes the skin and takes away the itch. Over the counter, cortisone cream may also be helpful. It’s a cheap easy way to reduce redness and swelling and is a great alternative to reduce redness and swelling.

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