Thick hair in men is an almost perfect guarantee of a great hairstyle and a classic look – all you need is a flattering haircut that fits your face shape and blends well with your lifestyle and fashion sense (for instance, if you aren’t the type to spend a lot of time on grooming, be sure to pick a more low-maintenance haircut).

Most hairstyles for men are based on trends, but we’re giving you the best of both worlds and combining trend with hair type! Bring out the best in your natural hair thickness and health – there’s a wide range of hairstyles for men with thick hair, from classic or sporty to the more avant-garde and experimental. Here are our favorites!

1. Long Textured Combover

For an updated version of this year’s trendy hipster combover, add as much volume as possible to this look. While this hairstyle is technically just long hair worked over to one side, the addition of height, texture, and definition breathes new life into the trend.

2. Side-Part Undercut


This is a super-slick style that can be worn both casually and for special occasions. Instead of sweeping your long top layers back, let them hang to the side. Use a bit of pomade to keep them in place during the day. To get super smooth volume, use a blow dryer post-shower. This is a newer style that’s definitely getting some attention as 2018 progresses.

3. Slicked Back + Side Part


The slicked back hairstyle with a side part is a timeless and versatile style, suitable for almost any look. It can be classic and reminiscent of the early 1900’s, or updated to suit today’s styles. It does work a bit better with thick hair, as you have more to work with. The key to this style is lots of product. The side sweep is created by using a medium shine pomade (we like Reuzel’s Blue Pomade) and parting the hair, then combing it as flat as possible while making sure to curve along the direction of growth to blend in any cowlicks. Thanks to the use of a wide-tooth comb and pomade, this hairstyle is possible even for men with curlier hair.

4. The Classic Pompadour


The hallmark of a classic pompadour is its longer, slicked-back sides coupled with a thick fringe that rides high on a wave of product – lots of it! This is a great style for guys with thicker hair simply because the thicker your hair is, the better that fringe on top will look. There are several variations of the pompadour, but generally the classic look shown above is what goes best with thick hair.

Like any good hairstyle, the key to making it work is starting out with a great haircut. A fresh new cut will make styling it that much easier, and going to a professional salon like 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon in San Diego means you can ask for a haircut that suits your face shape – and actually receive it! Try one of these hairstyles for men and book an appointment with one of our talented stylists online today; or give us a call at (858) 914-5418.