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When it comes to men’s haircuts in San Diego, CA, trends are always coming and going. There are a few classic designs, however, that never go out of style. We specialize in crafting these timeless looks perfectly so they’re suited to the modern man. Whether you’re looking for a simple trim or a total style overhaul, look to these four popular hairstyles for instant inspiration.

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The Textured Chop

Structured hair is also here to stay. Whether you go with an undercut or leave your sides grown out, you can rock this short and choppy look. We love texture because it effortlessly hides any thinning.

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Long Locks

You don’t have to look like Thor to rock longer locks, but he is part of the original inspiration. The hottest men’s styling in San Diego, CA, features fringe that hits at the chin and lower. While this look can take some time to learn to style and manage, it’s also at the forefront of men’s fashion. Ask a stylist for assistance on maintaining and styling the look.

The Undercut

This style has hit it big in the last several years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Men of all ages and backgrounds look great with this style. The undercut features short trimmed sides with longer locks on top. The length on top is up to you and can be modified to complement faces of all shapes and sizes.


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the undercut

Side Swept Shape

There is nothing quite as visually engaging as asymmetry in hair, and now you harness this contrast to flatter your face. Side-swept fringe is a popular style that looks great on undercuts as well as traditional cuts. The key is to ask your stylist to create movement and big shape to complement your head shape. This style is more popular among the younger gentlemen.

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