It is no secret that most people spend a large part of their days looking for a hairstyle that works best for them. Men often have a hard time finding a style that suits their needs, but the good news is that there are a handful of styles that can work for each man.

Would you like to wow your friends and family with a new haircut but don’t know which one will be perfect for you? Well, this post will give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for to help choose your new style by focusing on eight of the most popular haircuts for men. We have a variety of hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion and can be tailored by your stylist/barber to fit your needs.

Choosing the right hairstyle is important as it affects how you look, but more importantly, the way other people perceive you. You want your hairstyle to be complementary to your facial features and to your personality. When thinking about what kind of hairstyle suits you best, pay attention to the following aspects. Your bone structure: Your haircut should enhance the edges of your face, jawline, and ears, creating a focal point that balances with other parts of your head. Your hair texture: If you have coarse or curly hair, be sure to get long hairstyles that help soften it and make it look shiny and smooth. And if you’ve got thin hair, go for styles with lots of body and volume. Be sure to play on your best features when thinking about what kind of hairstyle suits you best. Work with them rather than against them!

Check out this list of the best and most popular haircut styles for men that we offer at our San Diego men’s salon. These are all professional haircuts that are quick and easy to style yourself.

Crew Cut Men's Hairstyle

The Crew Cut

A Crew Cut is a very short hairstyle with a classy, aristocratic vibe that is quick and easy to maintain. It is cut very close to the head and can be easily styled in a variety of ways. A crew cut is a good choice for someone who likes the low-maintenance aspect of a hairstyle.

In the early days of the cut, it was common to see people with hair that was cut much shorter than we would see in modern times. This was often found just above the ears and led to the name “crew.”

The crew cut is often seen as being very short, but it can work well for people looking for a professional hairstyle. It is also very easy to style, making it a good choice for people who are constantly on the go, and can work well in the summertime as it does not weigh down hair like other hairstyles might. The crew cut sits between the buzz cut and the undercut as far as length.

Buzz Cut Men's Haircut

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is a timeless and sleek haircut that suits any man’s needs. Celebrities seen sporting this cut include David Beckham and Brad Pitt. A popular style for a man that closely shaves the hair on the head, leaving the top longer and some hair on the sides, used to keep hair from getting in a man’s eyes. This haircut is also known as an army haircut, as it is used by the army as a regulation haircut for men under a certain rank.

The haircut is universally flattering and easy to maintain with little to no maintenance required, perfect for men who prefer to skip the hair routine altogether as this haircut is usually done without any additional styling products or techniques to polish the look. If your hair is too long to suit a buzz cut, ask your barber or stylist for a crew cut.

Also, gentlemen with a receding hairline and prominent widow’s peak can benefit from sporting a buzz cut as the very short hair length helps decrease the contrast between your scalp and your hair, minimizing the appearance of thinning hair or balding areas. You can also try combining a buzz cut with a beard to add some texture to your overall look.

Long on Top Men's Haircut

Long on Top

The long on top haircut has been in and out of style for decades. When done well, the long on top haircut can be classy and stylish. Although this style may not be for everyone, it can look great on men with hair that is less than an inch long. It’s easy to style and can be customized to suit all hair types and face shapes. For example, if you have a round face, you can balance your face shape by cutting the sides really short and keeping the top longer, styled to add volume and make your face appear longer. Alternatively, you can balance a long face by slicking back the top.

One of the most popular styles of the long on top haircut includes the layered long on top. The layered long on top haircut is perfect for men who don’t want to sport a buzz but want to keep their hair shorter than an inch. It can be styled parted to the side or combed back and let down.

Short and Messy Men's Haircut

Short and Messy

Recent years have seen a new wave of messy hairstyles that are quick, easy and fashionable. Most messy styles, for example, need only a few minutes to complete. Whether you have thin, thick, straight, or curly and wavy hair, there is a messy haircut style that would work for you.

There are many variations of the short messy haircut, but they all have one thing in common: they are messy! Short messy haircuts are kept messy on the top to create a carefree look. You can wear your hair either parted or with a heavy, unruly fringe.

Create this hairstyle by running your fingers back and forth through your hair adding volume and utilizing a firm-hold hair product with a matte finish to keep the messy look in place, giving it a textured finish.

Slicked Back Men's Haircut

Slicked Back

Slicked back men’s hairstyles have come a long way in the past few decades. They have been around for centuries, but it has been in recent years that they became more popular. This is due to the increased awareness of male beauty and grooming, specifically when it comes to hair. Once considered only appropriate for wedding parties and formal occasions, this hairstyle has gone from formal to casual in a matter of years.

The Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle is intense and is often worn in conjunction with a mustache and comb-over hairstyle. The style originated during the 1950s when it became popular among celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Sammy Davis Jr.

As far as whether your face shape will suit the style, a slick back is versatile enough to suit most. However, if you have very curly hair, you’ll find it harder to slick it back. Therefore, we recommend the slick back for men with straight or wavy hair as it will be easier to style. You should also avoid this hairstyle if you’ve got a receding hairline or thinning hair as it will appear more prominent.

Lastly, make sure to choose the right pomade for the job. If you have thin hair you can opt-in for a light hold pomade, while thick hair would likely need a pomade with a firm hold to help keep it in place. Water-based pomades are ideal to style slick back hair as they’re more manageable, easier to wash out of your hair and don’t make your hair feel greasy.

Undercut Men's Haircut

The Undercut

The undercut is a medium-length buzzed hairstyle with an undercut (or bald side) and gradual fade to the top.

The undercut is reserved for people with thick, dense hair; if your hair is thinning, the undercut may not be for you. This haircut requires very little maintenance because of its simple design, but don’t forget that taking care of your undercut is just as important as the rest of your hair! The initial haircut can last a few weeks if it is well taken care of making it great for people who like to change their style often or for busy professionals.

High Fade Men's Haircut

High Fade

When you’re looking to elevate your look, this short sharp cut provides you that extra stylish edge. With so many different types of fades to choose from, the men’s high fade is one of the boldest cuts.

A fade is similar to an undercut, but instead of having a distinct line where the short and long hair meet, the transition happens gradually over several inches. A high fade haircut is a men’s haircut that is high on the head at the top, reaching above the middle line between the temples and the top of the ears, and gradually tapers off for a dramatic look.

This style is good for men that want to cover up age gracefully and it works for a variety of hair types. A high fade is a popular haircut for men who need to cover up their balding area (or to hide their receding hairline) because it works wonders, but also looks upscale. To achieve this style you’ll need a skilled barber who can do a great job, as a very good technique is needed to achieve a gradual and seamless transition. You’ll also want to avoid the mistake of waiting too long in between haircuts and plan your visits to the salon every two to three weeks to keep your high fade looking sharp.

Pompadour Men's Haircut


Pompadour hairstyle with the perfect “business in the front, party in the back”. What do you wear when you’re in the mood for a cocktail but have a boardroom meeting in 12 hours? When you’re just itching to dance but must keep up appearances? The pompadour hairstyle is the perfect solution.

What’s unique about this style is how the hair is swept up at the front with pronounced volume, and gradually recedes towards the back. It features length on the top paired with cropped back and sides. Made popular by the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, the pompadour’s name was actually coined in the 20th century after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France. Today, there are many variations of this style and the personality of the pompadour changes depending on how high you slick your hair. You can also style it in different ways by having it combed or messy, matte or shiny, combed straight back or on an angle. In terms of face shapes and hair types, the pompadour suits most, with the exception of round faces as you may find that it likely makes the face appear rounder.

To get the traditional pompadour, it’s best to start with damp hair, proceed to use a comb to slick your hair back and up, then push your hair forward and hold it there for a minute. You can also use the help of a blow dryer if you have issues getting the pompadour shape to hold. To get the “business up top” look, just slick down the hair with pomade. You will require a good pomade with a firm hold to be able to keep the style in place and if you have thicker or unruly hair, you’ll need those pomades that provide a stronger hold. Just don’t be discouraged as it will likely take a few tries and some practice to correctly style a pompadour to your satisfaction.

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There are a variety of haircuts that give a man a great look. Styles range from short to long, and trendy to traditional. The hairstyles above have been chosen as the most popular amongst men. Whether you have an idea of what you’d like your next haircut to look like, or you need advice on choosing it, you can rely on our professional hairstylists and barbers to help you find a haircut that suits your style and personality. Meet with them today to see how we can make your hair look totally awesome and enjoy a relaxing experience! Book your appointment conveniently online here or give us a call to schedule it over the phone. We’re located in the 4S Commons Town Center, 10543 4S Commons Dr., Ste #176 in San Diego, CA.