If you want the best haircut experience, communicating well with your hairstylist is a must. With so many hairstyles a man can get, it’s key to always be specific and clear about what you want. Explain clearly to your 18|8 hair stylist what you’re looking for, whether it’s the freshest new style or adding a shaving your beard with your haircut. Check out these tips to make you sure you get the best men’s haircutting experience.

1. Do your research

Before even talking to your stylist, make sure you do your homework on what haircut you want. Spend at least 10 minutes out of your day researching hairstyles. Look into different variations of it and find out if it goes well with your head shape, style, and appearance. Also, make sure to find out if there are hair products needed to style it.

Remember that your hair stylist can only work with the information that you give him or her. Meet your stylist halfway and do as much as research as you can so that you can make your hair cutting experience is as amazing as you want it to be. Showing up unprepared and not knowing exactly what you want is a recipe for disaster.

Decide ahead of time what kind of hairstyle and look you want to go for. That way when you walk in you can make your haircutting process smoother. Knowing what haircut you want before you even sit in the salon chair makes your overall haircutting experience more enjoyable.

2. Bring Pictures

The best way to explain what you want is to visually show it. Sitting there and trying to communicate without pictures (especially if it’s something past a basic cut) is challenging to you and your stylist.

Spend 5 minutes to find a picture of the hairstyle you want. Check different men’s magazines to get a good idea of what’s currently popular, or use an old photo of yourself. If you don’t have an old photo, look on your Facebook or Instagram to find a great photo.

Also if you ever get a haircut that you like, ask your stylist/barber to take photos of it on the spot with your phone. Be sure to get good lighting and take multiple photos. Make sure you get a side shot. This way, if you love your haircut you can just pull up your phone and show your stylist anytime.

Stylists cut so many clients, it’s hard to keep track of what they already gave you. They usually never remember the exact haircut they gave you, so always have a visual reference.

3. Speak Up During Your Haircut

During your haircut feel free to speak directly to your hair stylist. If you feel uncomfortable with how much hair they’re cutting, just chat with them. If you’re concerned with their work, talk to them. Speak up when you have a legitimate concern. It may be uncomfortable to ask them to change something (especially when they’re almost done), but they’re always willing to accommodate.

Raise your concerns and trust they will meet you half-way. For example, if you think that they forgot to line up your hair in the back don’t just say mid-conversation “Hey, make sure you remember to line it up in the back.” Approach it in a way that’s more friendly. Try saying, “Hey it seems like you may forgot to line-up it up in the back.” They will fulfill your request.

Your hair stylist is a professional who works very hard. While they do it for a living, they do need a reminder from time to time and your job is to make sure you communicate clearly. It’s important that you keep the dialogue a two-way street.

4. Ask lots of questions

Contrary to popular belief, there are no dumb questions, especially about hair. If you have any questions about your haircut, the tools being used, or the products being put in your hair, ask your stylist – that’s why they’re there for.

They want to give you excellent service and make you feel as comfortable as possible. A big part of that means clearing up any questions or concerns you may have.

Your hair stylist is one of the best resources for hair knowledge. Ask them anything that’s on your mind.

5. Be Specific With What You Want

Make sure you always tell your hairstylist specific things. For example, don’t just say you want your hair short. Tell your stylist you want a 2 on the sides and an inch off the top. Once you give specifics to your stylist, it becomes much easier to give you a great cut.

It’s always better to say too much than too little. Be detailed in what you want from your haircut experience so that your stylist can meet your expectations and you can leave satisfied.

6. Ask For A Mirror

No matter how comfortable you are with your stylist, always check their work. It’s not rude or mean to ask for a mirror to see if they did a good job. If you find something you want to be changed, now is a great time to ask.

Ultimately no matter how well you communicate initially, things can get confusing or lost in translation. Remember, you’re paying to get the absolute best haircut and service. It doesn’t hurt to check their work from time to time.
It benefits both parties because you ensure you get the best haircut and your stylist is doing their best work.

7. Be Honest

The job of a hairstylist is to meet your expectations so you can be satisfied with your cut. Even if you’re uncomfortable with asking for something to be changed, don’t hesitate to tell them that you want a part of the haircut altered. Maybe after checking your cut, you find that they made a small mistake. Be honest and tell them directly.

Or if you experimented and got a hairstyle you are displeased with, share your thoughts. If you’re honest with them while they’re there, they can work with you to fix it so you can be satisfied. Most stylists want to hear what your honest thoughts are rather than not seeing you or hearing an upset review later.


Your stylist is here for you. They want to give you incredible service and make sure you walk out feeling excellent.

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