Let’s put an end to this speculation – what is the right temperature in washing your hair? You may have heard different arguments and sides to this debate; however, when it comes to the health of your hair, there are many advantages and disadvantages to using hot or cold water. Depending on the type of hair treatment you would like to focus on, you can find various benefits in favoring one temperature over the other.


Hot Water

It is common that most people would prefer jumping into hot shower as opposed to a cold shower. In doing so, there are beneficial and damaging effects that can contribute to the feel and look of your hair. Here are some advantages and disadvantages in using hot water:


  • Rinses oil and dirt: If your hair contains any dirt, oil, or product build-up, the heat from the hot water can open up hair cuticles and allows the shampoo to clean more deeply.
  • Dissolves hair products: Heat can speed up the rate that cleansers can dissolve product residue, which is beneficial in that it can effectively clean your hair before applying new product


  • Hair can be overly porous: Hot water can dehydrate the scalp and strip your hair of its natural oils, which can lead to breakage
  • Frizz: Since the hot water strips the natural oils in your hair, the escaped moisture can leave your hair frizzy and dry


Cold Water

Just like hot water, there are many many uses to washing with cold water. Although there are many people who tend to avoid this method due to personal reasons such as comfort, they are also missing out on potential benefits for their hair. Here are some advantages and disadvantages in using cold water:


  • Cleaner scalp: Cold water can shut hair cuticles and pores, which protects your scalp from outside dirt, grease, and oil
  • Seals in moisture: Cold water can retain the moisture in your hair giving it a natural shine since it does not strip the natural oils from your hair like hot water does



  • Uncomfortable: Showering in cold water can be unpleasant especially during times when the weather is cooler
  • Reduce hair volume: Cold water can make your hair look dense and reduce its volume, which can be a problem for men who have naturally thin hair


In the end, there is no right or correct temperature when it comes to washing your hair. It is recommended that you change the temperature of the water based on the situation. For example, if you’ve participated in any outdoor activities, then it would be best to shampoo your hair in hot water to remove any oil and dirt, and rinse your hair in cold water to seal up the pores to keep your scalp clean.


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