Scalp Treatments in Rancho Cucamonga

Man Getting Scalp Treatment

Having a full head of healthy-looking hair is important to most men. Your hair is a part of your body that helps show off your features and can make you look and feel confident. However, hair loss is common in men, and it can happen to anyone at any age. Although you can’t always stop hair loss in men, you can take action to reduce or prevent it and it’s important to keep in mind that the earlier you start, the more hair you get to keep. If you are noticing a few thinning strands on top of your head, there are ways to help improve the situation. Some of these options include scalp treatments.

The key to achieving thicker and healthier hair is to pay proper attention to the condition of your scalp. A flaky or dry scalp doesn’t provide hair the best environment for it to grow the best that it can. The scalp is a sensitive area that, despite being generally unseen, requires special care and attention. Signs of a neglected scalp can include itchiness, dandruff, and dull-looking hair.

If you’re looking for a scalp treatment that will help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, look no further than our professional scalp treatments at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Rancho Cucamonga. Our therapeutic scalp treatments will get your scalp on the path to grow a fuller, thicker head of hair. So why wait? Stop by our modern barbershop today and experience the difference a healthy scalp can make.

Professional Scalp Treatments

ScalpMetics Treatment

If you’re looking for a way to revitalize your scalp and create a perfect climate for hair restoration, our 18|8 ScalpMetics treatment may be just what you need. Come on by for a relaxing scalp treatment in the comfort of your own semi-private station. Our therapeutic 20-minute treatment begins with the application of a restorative formula for a deep clean exfoliation that removes oil, dead skin cells and residue from your scalp, completely rejuvenating the skin. A blend full of essential vitamins simultaneously provides the nutrients your hair and scalp needs to restore its natural shine and strengthen hair follicles while preventing thinning from the roots. A deep scalp massage will help you relax and assist with promoting blood flow to further stimulate hair growth. At the end of your treatment, your stylist will recommend products to continue improving your scalp health at home and in between salon visits.

ScalpMetics Package

Our ScalpMetics package combines our signature Executive Haircut and our Scalp Treatment to get you looking and feeling your best in one session! You’ll receive our 20-minute relaxing scalp treatment which will rejuvenate your scalp’s sensitive skin by exfoliating and hydrating your scalp. You’ll then enjoy a handcrafted haircut tailored to your hair’s texture, density and desired hairstyle. Our Executive Haircut also includes shampoo/conditioning, a stress-melting 5-minute neck/shoulder massage, and an aromatic hot towel finish.

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