The 18|8 Playa Vista Team is Trained to Spot Skin Cancer!

18│8 Fine Men’s Salon in Playa Vista is proud to support World Cancer Day 2017:

18|8 Playa Vista has been taking the fight to cancer since we opened, but now the team is trained to be on the lookout for anomalies that should be further investigated by a medical professional.

Skin cancer is a fast growing cancer in the U.S. with more than 3.5 million new cases annually .  Fortunately, there is a very high survival rate if skin cancer is spotted and treated early.

Our team went through a certification process with Eyes On Cancer, an organization devoted to training beauty professionals to recognize skin abnormalities on the face, neck or scalp. This training can lead to early detection of cancers, which ultimately saving lives.

Lee Short, the owner of 18|8 Playa Vista said of the program, “With 3.5 million new skin cancer cases reported each year in the United States and only 700,000 stylists/barbers, there is an excellent chance that a trained barber or stylist may spot an area that needs to be checked into further.

Come in and enjoy one of our services, whether it is a, shave, facial, wax, color, hand crafted haircut or manicure.  You will see the certificates in the stylist/barber stations re the training received so that they can be one more set of eyes looking out for you.

We serve the residential and business community in West LA.