As the seasons change, it’s nearly impossible to nail the right outfit for every workout. One moment, it’s sunny, the next it is a heavy downpour coupled with windstorms. As we all know, working out is great for getting fresh air, improving your fitness and clearing your mind. Even if the weather outside is frightful, it doesn’t mean you have to put a damper on your fitness routine. Don’t let the weather keep you from achieving your fitness goals. Below are few tips that will help you work out no matter the circumstance or weather:

Follow an Effective Exercise Routine

The great thing about workouts is you don’t have to adjust your life around a group fitness schedule or worry about waiting for a treadmill during peak hours at the gym. On the flip side, the responsibility falls on you to plan and stick to a routine. If you’ve been putting off exercise, it’s all too easy to keep doing just that, finding any excuse to not strap on those sneakers. But if you clear space on your calendar for workouts, you’ll be less likely to let distractions derail you. Go ahead and plan a schedule for the restorative days as they are important for keeping your body in balance.

Be Consistent

Weather can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to stick to an exercise routine. Regular exercise helps improve your sleep, skin, and level of focus, among countless other things. Make a commitment to yourself and give no excuses. You must tell yourself nothing can stop you from keeping your commitment. Exercise is something you must do – rain or shine. Treat exercise as a crucial appointment like a first date. Cut off negative inner talks and listen to the positive ones.

Set Realistic Goals

Choose an exercise you love. And something fun, too. Often, people fail to persist because they take up something they don’t like in the first place and they give up doing it after a short period of time. If you love dancing, then take up dance classes. If you love pumping iron, go to a gym. If you like playing tennis, get a partner and go for it. Choose a goal, problem or idea to focus on when working out. Don’t strive for perfection or an improbable goal you can’t attain.

Prepare for the elements

The number one accessory Bowden recommends for outdoor fitness enthusiasts? Sunscreen. Rain or shine, load up on the SPF before you head out, and remember to reapply every two hours during a sweat session. Here are some of the fitness essentials:

Water: Bring a bottle and hydrate often, especially on hot or sunny days.

Helmet: For cyclists, it’s a safety must.

Reflective gear: If you prefer to run or bike in the evenings or before the sun comes up, you want to make yourself as visible as possible to nearby traffic.

Have a Back-up Plan

Nothing is certain about weather except that it’s unpredictable. Don’t let that break your routine. If it’s too cold, too rainy, or you have to be at work before the sun comes up on a particular day, have a backup plan that still lets you get in your workout, whether that means bookmarking a few workout videos on your phone or laptop or finding a local gym that offers day passes, consistency is key over all else.

Weave Exercise into your Lifestyle

Exercise is a great way to rev up those feel-good endorphins and boost your energy. While building your fitness level, there are still plenty of reasons why you need to have the perfect look. Beginnings are everything, everyone must start somewhere. Working out however doesn’t start in the gym. It starts with eating the right thing, grooming yourself and making yourself look good so you can feel good. At 18|8 Fine Men Salon in Morristown, we are more than just a regular local barbershop. While you keep working out, we cater to all your styling needs. We provide you with the highest quality of service and help you to have your best look. Visit our Barbershop in Morristown to take advantage of our great grooming services.