Have you ever looked around in the month of November and wondered why so many men seem to have become lazy about their facial hair? Well, you may be surprised to hear it is not laziness or football season that has every man on the planet suddenly letting their beards and mustaches grow; it is public awareness. The chilly weather that typically rolls in during the month of November is the perfect time for men to participate in “Movember” also known as “No Shave November”, a public awareness campaign for men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancers, and men’s suicides.

However, being active in the public awareness arena doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look your best, even when not shaving for a month. And to help keep you looking your best we have compiled a few handy tidbits and examples regarding facial hairstyles and maintenance.

Men’s facial hair is one of the few areas of men’s fashion and grooming that allow a man to fully explore his personality and display it to the world. Whether you opt to sport a solo mustache or the beard-mustache combo there are many cuts and styles to choose from such as:

Mustache Styles

  • Chevron: Made infamous by Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot this style highlights a man’s masculinity and rugged good looks.
  • Dali: This whispy style of mustache is reminiscent of the old black and white movie villains that would tie a damsel to railway tracks and isn’t for everyone. But, for those who dare it will definitely be an eye-catcher.
  • English: This turn of the century style will have you looking like an eighteenth-century gentleman in no time.

Beard Styles

  • Square Trim: Often mislabeled as a Goatee, the square cut is a beard-mustache combo that is typically worn short and tailored.
  • Rectangle: Also referred to as a Soul-Patch, the rectangle beard maintains a clean-cut image with a slight edginess.
  • Goatee: The Goatee is traditionally a beard only style that resembles the tuft on a goat’s chin. However, don’t let the name fool you. This popular style is far from a barnyard animal as it creates a masculine sense of mystique while being easily maintained.


Call Your Morristown Barber For A Beard Trim Or Shave!

“Movember” doesn’t mean you have to go around looking like a mountain man or spend hours maintaining your facial hair in order to support your cause. With 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon at your disposal, you can have the look you want without all of the grooming hassles. Our expert stylists know what it takes to sport a perfectly quaffed beard in order to keep yours healthy and attractive, and if you like will eagerly assist you in choosing a new haircut or a quick beard trim that complements your “Movember” look. Stop by today and get your, “No Shave November” off to a rocking good start by booking an appointment with 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon.