To be at the top of your style game you not only need to have a great haircut, you should keep up with the latest fashion trends every season. At 18|8 Morristown NJ, we provide amazing haircuts, but we also provide advice on men’s style, trends and grooming products. We can only hope New Jersey doesn’t get hit with another winter bomb cyclone, but if we do, you should be prepared…so let’s look at four winter must-have accessories for men to help you freeze your butt off in style.

Knit Beanie:

The first thing many people notice in men is their hairstyle. Here at our Salon in Morristown, NJ we make sure that your hair game is solid at all times, but if it’s -14 degrees outside, you need to protect your head. The good news is you don’t have to cover your head with absurd winter hats that will ruin your hair. What you need is a knit beanie, which is decently long and perfectly fits your head. Make sure to find a beanie made of breathable and insulating yarns like Merino wool.


Leather Gloves:

Nobody wants to shake your freezing cold hand in the winter…so you need to up your game with a warm pair of leather gloves. The type and color really depend on the rest of your outfit, but gloves can generally be categorized as: dressy, casual or functional. This article in Real Men’s Style provides a deeper dive into materials and will help you choose the correct size, in case you are buying online.



Wool Scarf:

Scarves enhance the overall look of your winter outfit. It will not only keep you warm, but the bright colorful patterns of a scarf will make you the center of attraction. While buying a scarf, go for a soft wool knitted one., You should even consider two scarves in your wardrobe. The first one should be with minimal or no pattern and should have natural colors, to match your formalwear. Your second scarf will be for casual use and could include a bright combination of colors. Finally, how you wear your scarf is also important. Check out this video that shows 3 Manly Scarf Knots.


Cashmere Socks:

Treat yourself with a warm and stylish pair of cashmere socks this winter. And feel the warmth traveling from your feet to your beanie. With the changing trends in men’s fashion, a pair of stylish heather woollen socks paired with jeans and boots will make your feet happy Not sure where to buy your new socks? Here is an easy starting point.



We hope you get through the winter with minimal freezing temperatures this year, but remember that you don’t have to bundle up to look like a snowman. You can sport some style while you freeze your butt off.