What is the best man’s most important duty on the big day? Is it guarding the rings until the wedding? Maybe it’s gathering together the other groomsmen and whipping them into tip-top shape for wedding day? Or, perhaps it is ensuring the groom-to-be has the perfect bachelor party? Is the best man responsible for helping with any decisions and giving advice when asked including picking out suits or helping source the entertainment?

The truth is, the best man should be on top of all those things, and more. Over the years, the significance of the groom’s number-two has been diluted to the groom’s shoulder to lean on, but, with a little guidance, the best man can play a critical part in the groom’s party. For the good of the modern wedding, it’s high time that we put the “best” back in best man.

We’re going to run down the most critical burdens the best man should shoulder willingly, along with great recommendations he should take to heart for getting the job done right.

Best Man Duties

Wedding day for the groom is one of the most important and hectic days a man will go through and therefore it is critical to look your absolute best. Aside from the fact that the best man has to be on his best behavior, socialize at the reception, and help plan the bachelor party, the appearance in the room is of utmost importance as well.

Before tying the knot, the best man alongside all the groomsmen, should visit 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon, the best men’s salon in Morristown to receive the following:

Get Your Hair Cut by A Seasoned Pro

The wedding haircut is not the type of haircut you get on any average normal day. Seek out the services of a pro in a high-end men’s salon the week leading up to the groom’s wedding day.

While you may pay more than you may be accustomed to for this haircut, the extra cost will be worth it. As the best man, you should tell the stylist that you’re booking a hairstyle for a wedding, so they can discuss what the groom (and possibly you and all the groomsmen) want in detail. The stylists can show you, the groom and the groomsmen how to properly style your hair, and which products to use, for the big day.


Book your groom and the rest of the groomsmen party for a shave the morning of the wedding. If one of you typically wears a clean shaven or a scruffy look, run with the spotless shave. An appropriately shaved face will influence you to look all around groomed and fresh. A great way to make sure the groom and groomsmen look great is to book a trim and shave for the group at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Morristown on wedding day. A professional shave is a great way to kick off wedding day and makes a great gift for all the groomsmen.

While you make your appointment, look into additional relaxing services that the groom and groomsmen would find relaxing and enjoyable to kick off the big day. Other services offered 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon include facial treatments, scalp treatments, nail treatments, waxing and colouring services. Check out 18|8’s Groom and Bachelor Party Packages as well here.

By coordinating efforts to ensure that your groom and all the groomsmen look good on wedding day, you are certain to earn the title of the best, best man!