What to Look for in an Upscale Barbershop

In the past few years, there has been a shift in the barber industry from traditional barbershops to upscale barber shops with modern amenities and services. These high-end shops offer a wide range of men’s grooming services tailored to the needs of their clients, that simply are not typically available at your traditional barbershop.

There are many upscale barbershops in the world, so it’s important to know what to look for before deciding on one. The first thing to look for is the quality of the haircut. The best barbershops will have a skilled and experienced stylists who can give you a haircut that you’ll be proud of. The second thing to look for is the quality of the services offered. In an upscale barber shop, you can expect to find services that include hair styling, beard grooming, shaves and more. Lastly, make sure that the environment is pleasant and comfortable – this will help with your overall experience at the high-end barber shop. Remember, checking client reviews and photos are another way to ensure your preferred upscale barbershop has the quality haircuts, modern services, and a pleasant environment as well.

What Kind of Haircut Does an Upscale Barber Provide?

At 18|8 Morristown, getting a haircut is an experience. When you step into our men’s salon & barbershop you will be greeted by our friendly Director of First Impression, your stylist will then walk you to your own semi-private station where you’ll be given a consultation to establish what type of haircut you’re looking for. Then you’ll receive a full shampoo and conditioning treatment that cleans and moisturizes your hair, prepping it for your cut. Then, our Morristown barbers will work their trade and design a haircut that perfectly suits your face shape, hair type, hair density and personal style. Lastly, a relaxing hot towel treatment will leave you ready to take on the day!

Unique Services Designed for the Modern Client

An upscale barbershop is one that offers more than just haircuts. They offer many other services such as straight-razor shaves, beard trimming, scalp treatments, facials, and even manicures for men. The haircuts they provide are also higher quality than your average salon or chain store haircut typically is.

At 18|8 Morristown, our expertise is in providing high-quality haircuts that are designed for our modern, fashion-forward clientele. But we don’t stop there, we have designed a five-star experience that helps you look your best from head to toe! We not only offer the best handcrafted haircuts, but also the traditional experience of a straight shave, therapeutic scalp treatments to promote hair growth, face treatments to rejuvenate your skin, hair coloring to spruce up your look, and nail treatments to keep your nails neat and presentable.

Morristown Modern Barbershop

Why a Modern Man Should Regularly Visit an Upscale Barbershop

We are living in a time where the barber shop is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Men are starting to care more about how they look and how they present themselves. There are many reasons why men should visit upscale barbershops regularly. One of them is because the barber will be highly skilled and able to give you one of the best haircuts you can get as opposed to going to a chain store where you may not get the same level of service. You may be unsure of what type of style or barber to go with, but well-trained stylists at high-end barbershops are skilled and equipped to manage a variety of hair types including short, long, curly or straight hairstyles.

Another is to enjoy additional services beyond the simple haircut and shave – at traditional barbershops grooming options are usually limited – they probably won’t offer facial treatments, scalp treatments, and other similar services. Lastly, you’ll be able to get your hands on some of today’s most popular grooming products and get recommendations for which products would work best for your hair type and style.


Start Visiting Your Morristown High-end Barbershop Near You

Our 18|8 Morristown barbershop is a place where traditions are still respected, and modernity is embraced. It’s the perfect place to get a fresh haircut, beard trim or shave. Our high-end barbershop is also the best place for men to get their hair styled and colored, with expert stylists and barbers who will make sure you consistently look and feel your best. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment and discover the 18|8 modern barbershop experience today!