Ways to Increase your Masculinity and Confidence

Dress Well Most times I do think that, “People are considering me as a capable, good-looking guy but I always wish to be one. Dressing better is a reflex tag to gain more confidence but if you go about it the erroneous way, it can have the precise reverse outcome. Oftentimes, when guys resolve they’d [...]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Morristown this Summer

Figuring out something entertaining to do in Morristown, NJ this summer will be no problem with all of the local activities, events, sites, and performance options available. There’s something for everyone whether you prefer live music or simply hanging out in nature. Outdoor Lover’s Delight If your idea of a good time is anything outdoors [...]

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Workout Tips for Rain or Shine

As the seasons change, it’s nearly impossible to nail the right outfit for every workout. One moment, it’s sunny, the next it is a heavy downpour coupled with windstorms. As we all know, working out is great for getting fresh air, improving your fitness and clearing your mind. Even if the weather outside is frightful, [...]

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How Can You Be a Great Best Man?

What is the best man’s most important duty on the big day? Is it guarding the rings until the wedding? Maybe it's gathering together the other groomsmen and whipping them into tip-top shape for wedding day? Or, perhaps it is ensuring the groom-to-be has the perfect bachelor party? Is the best man responsible for helping [...]

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Trend Up your 2018 Spring Wardrobe

With spring bulbs poking their heads through and days getting longer, you may be ready to shed your winter wear and begin wearing your fun spring and summer wardrobe. But, with every new season should come at least one or two trendy new items and we’re here to help you decide which new trends to [...]

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2018 Trends Every Groomsmen Needs to Know

With wedding season upon us you may be wondering what the latest styles and trends are for the busy 2018 Groomsman. As well as, what trendy new gifting and photo options are available to make your special day unique. Well, we are here with all the 2018 photos, groomsmen wear and groomsmen gifting trends to [...]

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2018 NYC Fashion Week Recap

No matter what time of the year it is, fashion should never be out of mind. At 18|8 Fine Men's Salon Morristown, NJ, we not only provide our customers with stylish and trendy haircuts, but we also provide the latest fashion-related happenings and what’s in right now. Our highly efficient advisors of fashion here at [...]

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A Look at Men’s Accessories this Winter

To be at the top of your style game you not only need to have a great haircut, you should keep up with the latest fashion trends every season. At 18|8 Morristown NJ, we provide amazing haircuts, but we also provide advice on men’s style, trends and grooming products. We can only hope New Jersey [...]

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How to Get Valentine’s Day Right!

Are you one of those guys who feel clueless as to what to do for your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you haven’t been dating very long or have a non-traditional relationship, and you’re unsure what you should do. If so, don’t feel alone. The majority of men are only going to get [...]

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