With wedding season upon us you may be wondering what the latest styles and trends are for the busy 2018 Groomsman. As well as, what trendy new gifting and photo options are available to make your special day unique. Well, we are here with all the 2018 photos, groomsmen wear and groomsmen gifting trends to keep you up to date and trendy.


  • Bow Ties are Back – There is nothing like the statement a classic black bow tie makes when you enter a room. The classic black bow tie gives your ensemble that touch of distinguished elegance that other ties just don’t have.
  • Bold Colorful SocksAll stylist recommend adding a splash of color to a man’s dress and business wear, but how to do it without overdoing is the question; since most men no longer wear the pocket handkerchief Colorful socks are the answer. Colorful socks provide a glint of color as your groomsmen move around while maintaining the overall coordinated look of the wedding party. This style choice provides you with creative wedding picture opportunities, see below.
  • Patterns are in – Although it may seem a bit retro the sophisticated and modern look of patterns are in; either by incorporating your favorite plaid into a matching vest and bow tie combo or as a complete suit.

Groomsmen Gifts:

Selecting just the right groomsman’s gift that captures the special occasion while expressing the gratitude you want your groomsmen to know you feel can be a difficult task for many of us. But with a little thought, effort, and ingenuity you will find exactly the right gift. Some ideas:

  • Cufflinks – Bring back this classic everyday style accessory by gifting an engraved or embossed pair of cufflinks to each of your groomsmen.This traditional groomsmen gift will keep your friends thinking of your special day every time they put them on.
  • Wearable – By selecting a gift that your groomsmen can wear every day, you will bring a smile to their face as they remember their fondest memories of the occasion.
  • Money Clip – Money clips are another wonderful groomsmen’s gift that allows your groomsmen to be reminded of all of the fun-filled times they had at your event, on a daily basis; whether they are someone who wears jewelry or not.

Creative Photo opportunities:

Wedding photos do not have to be the stiff and serious poses that our parents had. A better idea is to let the wedding pictures reflect the personalities and preferences of the wedding party. Some examples:

  • Superhero Fans – Have groomsmen wear their favorite superhero t-shirt or costume beneath their fancy dress clothes and pretend to be bursting into superhero mode as the picture is taken.
  • Rainbow Socks – If you opted for the colorful sock recommendation above, consider taking a sock group photo where each of the groomsmen shows off their colorful footwear lined up like a rainbow.
  • Craft Beer Drinkers – A group photo with everyone holding a can or bottle of their favorite stout or lagger is a great way to incorporate your group’s interests into these memorial photos.
  • Cool Kids – Children can be one of the most complicated aspects to include in a wedding, especially at picture time. Make it fun for everyone by adding a little kidlike flair to your pictures. Do a group picture of all the little guys wearing their most spectacular summer sunglasses, or wearing their favorite silly hat.
  • Tell a Visual Story – Another fun way to document your wedding and courting story is by creating pictures that represent specific moments in your dating history. Have your bridal party portray specific important events from your history together such as recreating the day you met, or your first date. It is not only fun for your friends and family to act out your romance, but it provides a visual timeline that will be cherished forever.

Weddings are a fun and stressful event, but taking time to personalize your attire, gifts, and photos is a great way to relieve some of the stress associated with planning and executing such a major event while memorializing the special day.

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