Stay Cool All Summer Long with these HaircutsMan with a side part and high fade hairstyle.

With Game of Thrones finally over, summer is what’s coming to New York – and as any local knows, NYC summers can be brutal. But as you start to change your wardrobe to cope with the heat and still look your best, don’t forget that the right haircut can have a big impact on your comfort level in any season. At 18|8 FiDi, our mission is to offer the best barbershop services in the NYC area to keep you looking, feeling, and performing your best all year long. Here are our recommendations on the best men’s summer haircuts to keep you looking and feeling good throughout the season.

Best Men’s Summer Haircuts for 2019

With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to change your style for the new season. And if you’re still not sure what look you want to rock this summer, the expert barbers at 18|8 Financial District can help. Here are a few of our recommendations for the top men’s haircuts that will rule summer 2019:

  • Side Part with High Fade: With the brutal heat of NYC summers, you’ll want a haircut that both looks good and keeps you cool. That means it’s the season of high fades, as this exposes more surface area on your head and lets your body release heat. Combine a high fade with a side part of a simple, classic look that will work well in any situation.
  • High Razor Fade with Curly Hair: If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s curly hair looks great without styling, show it off with a razor fade. This will also help keep you even cooler, exposing skin and letting even invisible amounts of sweat work wonders for heat release.
  • High Fade with Hair Design: Everyone feels a little looser and more at ease during the summer, so why not try something new? Razor designs are a major trend in 2019, and if you’ve never tried one for yourself, summer is the perfect season to experiment.

Schedule a Haircut with Your Manhattan Barbershop

We hope these haircuts give you some inspiration for how to change your style to both look and feel cooler in the summer season, and if you’re ready to make the change, we can help. Our NYC barbers are experts in helping clients achieve a look that perfectly matches their face and sense of style, and we’ll work with you to pinpoint the perfect summer look for you. Ring in the new season the right way: book a haircut with 18|8 Financial District today!