Straight Shaves

Men’s Grooming & Haircuts in Downtown NYC

At 18|8 Financial District, our mission is to be your accomplice in impeccable style. Our expert barbers and stylists have spent years training in the fine arts of men’s grooming and fashion, and they’ve honed their skills to perfection in giving world-class haircuts, shaves, and other grooming services. Beyond our signature Executive Style Haircut, we’re proud to offer a variety of men’s grooming treatments at our Manhattan Financial District barbershop – and one of the best on offer is our undeniably classic straight razor shave.

The Classic Shave

Our Classic Straight Razor Shave treatment gives you everything you need to look your best and then some. You’ll get a true luxury treatment and a shave so close you’ll barely believe it, all in a 30-minute treatment incorporating:

  • Hot towel treatment to open pores and cleanse the face
  • Luxurious hot shave cream lather to moisturize skin and soften hair
  • Undeniably classic straight razor shave
  • Refreshing hot towel finish

Our Classic Straight Shave isn’t just the best shave that money can buy: it also doubles as a guy’s version of a facial. A straight shave does more than just remove facial hair, working to exfoliate the outer layer of skin and remove dead skin cells. This exposes younger, healthier skin underneath, and it effectively forces the skin to regenerate and stimulates the production of collagen, which tightens and firms facial skin. A few straight razor shaves at our NYC barbershop and your skin will be undeniably smoother, thicker, firmer, and have fewer wrinkles – we guarantee it. And if you really want to double down and amplify those benefits, nothing’s better than adding a rejuvenating facial treatment complete with a cleanser and moisturizer.

Shave Package

Give yourself the luxury treatment. Our Shave Package features everything you get in our Classic Straight Shave plus one of our signature Executive Style Haircuts, which means you’ll walk out looking like a brand new man.

Beard Trim

A beard can be the perfect final touch on a man’s look, but if it’s not kept in shape, a beard can do more harm than good. A beard trim from 18|8 Financial District will leave you looking perfectly fresh and clean n matter what you’ve got coming up.

Head Shave

Treat yourself to a professional. Our expert stylist will use professional-grade razors and lather shave cream to deliver a militantly close shave, leaving your head shiny and smooth.

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Whether you want a quick beard trim or a full straight razor have, 18|8 FiDi is dedicated to helping you conquer your style and look your absolute best. So what are you waiting for? Take style into your own hands and get ready to look like a brand new man: book an appointment online today!