Hair Coloring

hair coloring

At 18|8 Financial District, our mission is to be your partner in style. Our expert barbers and men’s hairstylists have spent years honing their craft, and we get our kicks discussing the finer points of what makes a perfect haircut or a truly classic straight-razor shave. But achieving a great look isn’t just about the cut and shape of your hair: color matters too. And whether you’ve been yearning for a bit of artful grey blending or a radical new hue to try, the stylists and hair colorists at 18|8 Financial District are here to help.

Professional Grey Blending for Men

While some men dread seeing their first grey hair pop up, the truth is going grey isn’t always such a bad thing. Grey hair can come with an appearance of maturity and wisdom, enhancing the authority you command and bringing an exciting new dimension to your look. The problems come up only when there’s too much grey, or when the grey doesn’t grow in evenly – and that’s where our professional men’s grey blending services can help. Our expert men’s hair colorists will use a variety of advanced coloring techniques to subtly blend your grey hairs in with your natural hair color, resulting in a look that features touches of clean, natural-looking grey. With our grey blending hair coloring treatment, you can go grey gracefully and enjoy the perks of a mature, refined look. 

Beard Coloring Services

Whether you’re carefully blending in grey or using dye to totally change the color of your hair, it’s always important to make sure there’s not a major difference between hair color and beard color, as this can make your look seem unnatural. Our stylists can use precision beard coloring to cover up grey spots and bring out your beard’s natural color or to shift your beard color to match newly-colored hair, ensuring your look is seamless from every angle. 

Men’s Highlights

For men looking for a simple, easy way to add some flair to their look, highlights are a great way to go. Highlights can be subtle or pronounced, offering a flexible way to lighten up your hair color and add some dynamism to any natural hair color. We can make highlights either subtle and natural-looking or dramatic and eye-catching depending on what you’re looking for, and if you’re not sure what you want, our stylists know how to define the right level of highlights for your individual sense of style. 

Why Should Men Get Hair Coloring & Grey Blending?

Hair coloring treatment isn’t at the top of most men’s list when it comes to a grooming regimen, but the truth is, it can make a huge difference in perfecting your look. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect if you visit our Manhattan barbershop for gray blending or hair color services:

  • Look younger and more vibrant
  • Add shine and dimension to your hair
  • Get a fresh, eye-catching new look
  • Create the appearance of fuller and thicker hair
  • Even more confidence from a carefully-crafted look

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Hair coloring is a great way to add a new dimension to your style, go grey gracefully, or radically change up your appearance, and the expert hair stylists at 18|8 know how to use hair dye to achieve any desired look. Want to see how we can help you up your style game with hair color treatments? Use our easy online form to book a color session or any other grooming treatment at our lower Manhattan barbershop. We can’t wait to hear from you!