Hair Coloring

hair coloring

At 18|8 Financial District, we want to be your choice for all your men’s salon needs, including when you’re looking for hair coloring for men near the Financial District. We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of services in order to best satisfy all our customers. So if you’re interested in a hair coloring or if it’s something you’ve been considering, we encourage you to stop by, grab a cold beverage from our fully stocked refrigerators, and let our expert stylists take care of you while you sit back and watch the big game.

Professional Men’s Gray Blending

Gray hair isn’t always such a bad thing; it can give off the appearance of wisdom and it also looks perfect on some men. However, the thing you need to watch out for is too much gray. This is where our professional men’s gray blending techniques will help. Our expert stylists will use these techniques to subtly blend your gray hairs into your natural hair color. With our guidance and expertise, we can have you looking several years younger and give you the perfect blend of youth and wisdom!

Beard Coloring

Hair coloring isn’t just limited to the hairs on your head; your facial hair also needs the same kind of maintenance to keep it looking just as stylish. Our beard coloring can be used to cover up any gray spots in your beard, bring out the natural color in your beard, or even make sure that your beard matches your newly colored hair.


The main appeal of highlights is that they draw attention while also providing the perfect complement to your natural hair color. At 18|8 Financial District, we offer both subtle and pronounced highlights. You can choose the amount of highlighting that’s ideal for you, though if you’re unsure, you can leave it in the hands of our expertly trained stylists to determine what would be best for you.

Benefits of Men’s Hair Color and Gray Blending

If you come into our Financial District Men’s Salon for a hair coloring, you’ll be treated to the many benefits that our service will provide for you. Some of these benefits include:

  • You’ll look even younger and more vibrant.
  • It will give you a fresh, new look.
  • It will give you more shine and dimension to your hair.
  • Hair coloring done to perfection can give off the illusion of having fuller and thicker hair.
  • It may even give you more confidence!

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If you’re interested in hair coloring or any of our other services we offer in our Lower Manhattan men’s salon, we encourage you to book your appointment online with us. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (646) 838-0418. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us on our contact page or by phone. We can’t wait to see you and help you perfect your style!