Summer Haircuts

Stay Cool All Summer Long with these Haircuts With Game of Thrones finally over, summer is what's coming to New York – and as any local knows, NYC summers can be brutal. But as you start to change your wardrobe to cope with the heat and still look your best, don't forget that the right [...]

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5 Best Waxing Tips for Men

Here at 18|8 FiDi, we take men’s grooming seriously. Think waxing is only for women? Think again. Many men are seeing the amazing benefits of a good waxing, like less hassle, more time, and of course—smooth, hairless skin. Whether you want to remove hair from your back, chest, or brows, downtown men’s waxing doesn’t have [...]

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Why All Men Should Get A Man-icure

At 18|8 Financial District, we've been helping the high-performers of downtown NYC look, feel, and perform their best for years. During that time, we've learned a lot about what it takes to stay at the top of your game, both in terms of style and daily life. Unfortunately, there are a few biases that keep [...]

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Top 10 Hair & Skincare Tips

At 18|8 Financial District, our mission is to go above and beyond being your friendly neighborhood barbershop. We strive to be a comprehensive style partner to the men of Manhattan and greater New York City, and beyond our world-class haircuts and grooming services, we work hard to be a comprehensive resource for all things style. [...]

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Why Get a Straight Razor Shave?

At 18|8 Financial District, our mission is to help the men of Manhattan and greater New York City be their best selves by achieving their ideal look. As a full-service luxury barbershop serving the Financial District and downtown Manhattan area, we offer a wide range of grooming treatments ranging from executive style haircuts to rejuvenating [...]

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Prince Harry Kept His Beard for the Royal Wedding

If you've been following the royal wedding craze, you may have noticed something about the prince's presentation – namely, that he rocked a full beard at the wedding. To an American observer, this may seem like no big deal, as beards are more or less accepted in most arenas of modern public life. But for [...]

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Tips for Thicker Hair (For Men)

Some guys are born with the thick, luscious hair we all dream of – but for many men, battling thin, brittle, or breaking hair is a constant challenge. If you find yourself in the latter camp, don't despair: even if you were born with wispy-thin hair, there's plenty you can do to thicken your strands. [...]

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How to Prevent Razor Burn

Here at 18|8 Financial District, we pride ourselves on the exquisite straight razor shaves that we provide for our clients. If you’re looking for any mustache or beard shaves, we invite you to stop by our Downtown barbershop sometime. While we’re sure that you’ll love our professional shaves, we understand that you’ll likely need to [...]

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Men’s Grooming Trends

At 18|8 Financial District, we’re always going above and beyond to help all of our clients find the look that suits them best. We don’t just offer some of the best men’s haircuts and shaves in the Financial District – we keep up with the latest in fashions and trends so that we can make [...]

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Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

As your trusted Downtown men’s salon, we at 18|8 Financial District are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selection of men’s grooming services you’ll find around. We don’t just pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services though – we’re also here to be your style consultants and provide you with the [...]

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