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Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

As your trusted Downtown men’s salon, we at 18|8 Financial District are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selection of men’s grooming services you’ll find around. We don’t just pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services though – we’re also here to be your style consultants and provide you with the [...]

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How Stress Affects Your Skin & Hair

Stress is something that most people just can’t escape from, whether it’s work, school, or anything else. Besides that uncomfortable and restless feeling that you get, being stressed can actually wreak havoc on your body too. The most common areas that you’ll notice signs of stress are your hair and your skin, since you’ll actually [...]

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What’s Your Skin Type?

As your Financial District barbershop, we at 18|8 Financial District are here to provide you with a broad range of men’s grooming services in order to help you look your best. Not only does this include haircuts and shaves, but we also provide facials to keep your skin looking healthy. While our facials are sure [...]

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Men’s Hair Coloring Trends

Your style is yours alone, and no one but you can define what it is. Hair coloring is just one of the many ways that guys can take control of their style and create a look that’s unique and truly fits with who they are. So if you’re looking for a new style and are [...]

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Hair Hacks To Beat The Heat & Humidity This Summer

All of the fun and relaxation of the summer months comes with a cost- the hot and humid air can seriously damage your hairstyle! While many men will just accept this fate and let their hair be controlled by the weather, at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in the Financial District, our men’s styling and grooming [...]

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You Vs. Gray Hair: What Can Guys Do?

Whether you’re a young professional or a more seasoned gentleman, noticing that first gray hair or the many more to follow is a reality that all men are going to need to face at some point. Don’t panic and start plucking them out, since that can be damaging to your scalp. Instead, you need to [...]

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True Solutions: Hair Loss Reversal for Men

At 18|8 Financial District, our mission is to keep you looking absolutely incredible, every single day of the year. We've done a lot to try to accomplish that goal: we've revitalized the classic experience of a barbershop for the 21st century, hired a team of some of the best barbers in the business, and set [...]

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Skincare Tips for Men

At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon located in the Financial District, we provide facials and facial treatments for men because we know that women are not the only ones who want to have attractive, smooth and healthy skin. Even though men don’t spend as much time worrying about skin care, they do want attractive skin. Therefore, [...]

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