Best Man Tips for Guys in Lombard

Sign the marriage license

To complete and fulfill the marriage ceremony, two witness signatures are needed to sign the marriage license. The groom will probable depend on you to deliver one of the signatures. Find the officiant who wedded the couple and ensure they sign the license too before moving to the reception.

Deliver a toast in honor of the groom and bride

This speech is not just an ordinary speech. It must be a more robust version of what the groom and the bride means to you. Keep it genuine and straightforward. If you are not familiar with the bride very well, acknowledge as much. But then follow it up with the point that your impression of her is that she is the best person for the groom.

Ensure everyone has a good time

Work the tables and socialize with the people for no less than few minutes respectively. Check to ensure that everyone has and get what they need. You must also prepare and bring together the guests for photos.

When the event is over, assist the newly wedded in packing. Collect the gifts and put them anywhere safe. Also, help the groom return the tuxedo if rented before he leaves for his honeymoon.


In the event that you typically wear a clean shaven or a scruffy look, run with the spotless shave. An appropriately shaved face will influence you to look all around groomed and fresh. A great way to make sure you and your groomsmen look great is to book a trim and shave for the group at 18|8 fine men’s salon in Lombard. A professional shave is a great way to kick off your wedding day and makes a great gift for the groomsmen.

Other services offered which may be of useful help just before the wedding are face treatments, scalp treatments, and coloring services.

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