2018 Men’s Style Resolutions

2017 has come to an end. This means it’s time to make new resolutions for 2018. With all that gym time, you may have missed some opportunities to really up your style game. And that’s a shame since doing so can help show off that rock-hard physique. So here is a list of men’s style and grooming resolutions for the 2018, which will help you become a better dressed person. No fad trends. Just the tips you need to make 2018 the year of no more sartorial shortcomings.

Invest in Something That Will Last

Of course, you want the ratio to be as low as possible, but don’t think big price tags will always clinch it. It’s about making the right investment. A genuine leather jacket will get much more wear than a trend-based designer sweatshirt, as will a white cotton work shirt, season-less knitwear or a fine leather wallet. Granted, it’ll seem like a low blow to your bank statement in the immediate future, but such a purchase will save in the long run.

Get to Know Your Barber

A sharp, well-maintained hairstyle boils  down to one thing…regular visits to a barber you trust, who knows your hair well. So if you want to remain the stylish gent you no doubt are, increase the frequency of your visits. Most guys need some topiary up top around every two weeks, so block-book to get into the routine. Just as Wednesday may be leg day and Friday is designated date night, you can allocate the same time each month to some quality time with your barber.

Don’t think a balding head gets you off the hook, either. Men with sparser locks need even more attention than their fuller-maned brethren, as cuts adapted to thinning or receding hair can accentuate the problem if they’re left to overgrow.


Look After Your Skin

Caring for your complexion isn’t just a case of throwing the bathroom cabinet at your mug. Be skin smart by chucking out any old products which are past their use by date and make sure the kit that you do have is fit for purpose. Go for grooming products specifically targeted for your age, lifestyle and skin type for maximum epidermal returns.

Make sure you treat your skincare seasonally too: right now you’ll need intensive, heady-duty products, but as the weather improves you should switch to lighter creams and lotions so you’re not extra oily.

Dress Better in The Gym

If you’re not a dedicated gym goer, chances are you’re begrudgingly toying with the idea as you attempt to consciously uncouple from your spare tire. Ironically enough, for a place that is a mecca of physical self-improvement, there’s more style-killing clobber on display at the gym than you can imagine. When you’re red in the face and dripping with sweat, the last thing you need is your wardrobe not spotting you.

It’s pretty simple to correct dodgy gym attire. Step away from your bobbly old fleece and faded T-shirt and instead make sure you’re sweating in style – and kit that’s fit for purpose. You’ll find plenty of technical and wallet-friendly options on the high street, which actually fit and help you perform. Choose sweat-wicking fabrics and trainers that cushion your joints from the hammer blows of the treadmill.





Get a New Haircut

Our goal is to make you feel fantastic after just one appointment with our styling technicians. A visit to our 18|8 salon located in Lombard is the perfect way to prepare for an important job interview, get ready for a date or a fun night on the town. We can help you look your best before attending a wedding or other special occasion, and our services are always here to help you make strides towards reinvigorating your own personal style. Your grooming is just as important as any other style decision and thanks to our team; you can always feel confident that you have made the right choice when you choose 18|8 Lombard Barbershop.

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