We all love how great we look when we step out of the salon – with a fresh haircut and a new hairstyle, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, it can be kind of a nightmare to try and recreate the awesome cut and style you got at the salon a few days later; too often, it ends up looking nothing like it did when we left! We get this – which is why we outlined each step of recreating a super easy, classic hairstyle. It may not be exactly what you got at the salon, but it’s close – and it’s great for going to work, going out with friends, or anything that comes up during the day.

Here are the steps for recreating a quiff at home:


Step #1

Wash your hair, or just get it wet – you need to have damp hair to start. Then, to add some body – which is essential for creating the quiff – apply Esquire Thickening CreamTake a little between your hands and evenly distribute it throughout the hair, then blow dry it all to secure the foundation. Direct the front of your hair forward and upwards.

Step #2

Lock in the style – for ultimate shine and texture, use Esquire Pomade. Take a dime sized amount, rub it between your hands, and coat the hair on top – but don’t crush the hair! Keep your hands light and airy, and never use too much product (less is more!). Use your fingertips to give it some oomph and puff it up a bit at the front.

Step #3

To ensure the look lasts all day, lock it in with a finishing spray. We love Go-24 Control Spray (which is essentially like hair spray). Hold it about 10 inches from your hair and spray all over; let everything sit for a minute, and then you’re ready with an ultra-stylish look.

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