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The 5 Stages of Growing a Beard

So, you’ve been toying with the idea of growing a beard. Maybe you’ve thinking about it for a month, or maybe this is an idea you've kept on the back burner for a few years. All you know is this: every time you get rid of that 5 o'clock shadow, you’re left with a nagging [...]

Meet the Barber: Zenda Barajas, Straight Razor Shave Expert at 18/8 La Jolla

Introducing Zenda Barajas, 18/8 La Jolla's newest barber and straight razor shave extraordinaire! Though she's been at the salon as a stylist since December of 2015, the recent acquisition of her Barber's License has earned Zenda a recent promotion to Lead Stylist. As a female in a predominantly male industry, and someone who is incredibly passionate [...]

7 Reasons to Get Your Beard Trimmed at a Men’s Salon

It takes time and patience to grow a decent beard. For most men, it’ll be at least a few weeks before you’re in business. There’s also more to a beard than having the restraint not to shave. That’s just the beginning. Long and short beards alike require maintenance and upkeep, much like a bonsai tree [...]

How to Create a Quiff Hairstyle at Home in 3 Easy Steps

We all love how great we look when we step out of the salon - with a fresh haircut and a new hairstyle, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, it can be kind of a nightmare to try and recreate the awesome cut and style you got at the salon a few days later; too [...]

5 Must-Try Esquire Men’s Grooming Products

18/8 Fine Men's Salon La Jolla is excited to announce a new partnership with Esquire! We are committed to bringing you the best men's grooming products, and this new high-quality line by Esquire is no exception. The popular men’s magazine has developed a line of several new products, ranging from a brush dryer to an exceptional [...]

6 Essential Summer Grooming Tips for Men

La Jolla is the quintessential beach town. You'll find most of us out on the water every day during the summer, or at least near it! Unfortunately, that easygoing summertime vibe can also mean the destruction of our everyday skin routines - especially when it gets super hot. Your hair and face get oilier, faster. You’re sweating in places that [...]

May is Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Last year, 18/8 La Jolla partnered up with the Eyes on Cancer organization to start fighting back against skin cancer; particularly melanoma. After completing an intensive training program, all of our stylists are now officially certified to look for the early warning signs of potentially fatal melanoma. Through early detection and increased awareness, our goal is to reduce [...]

3 Ways to Get Perfect Beach Hair This Summer

It's that time of year again - the beach, sunshine, and long hair. For all you surfer (and even non-surfer) types, long and wavy hair is a signature summer look. The style is basically achieved through a carefully executed mix of dehydration, salty water (ironically), and hours of sunlight. Because these hairstyles are the epitome of good [...]

6 Ways to Stay Fresh & Clean At Music Festivals

It's that time of year again - music festival season is here! These popular camping concert experiences are some of the biggest events of the year, and they always make for a great weekend with friends. However, there's one factor you probably didn't think about when going to these - staying fresh and clean throughout the [...]

5 Useful Tips for Dealing With Oily Skin

Of all the skin types a man can have, an oily one is by far the most consistently irritating. Usually the result of testosterone triggering the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum (the skin’s natural oil), greasy skin is more prone to blackheads, whiteheads and unsightly breakouts; not to mention it can just look greasy! Luckily for [...]