It’s that time of year again – music festival season is here! These popular camping concert experiences are some of the biggest events of the year, and they always make for a great weekend with friends. However, there’s one factor you probably didn’t think about when going to these – staying fresh and clean throughout the festival. You will without a doubt get dirty; they are notorious for being pretty dusty, and/or not offering nice showers or toilets (Coachella, anyone?).

Luckily at 18|8 La Jolla we know a little something about grooming on-the-go. Here are our top 6 ways you’ll be able to stay fresh all weekend long at music festivals this year!

1. Bring baby wipes

If you have to bring one thing to clean yourself up, it’s these bad boys. They’re good for wiping your face, armpits, shoulders, and neck to get sweat and dust off. They’re super cheap and one pack will be more than enough for an entire festival. Don’t use them to replace showers, but keep them close by.

They’re also better than toilet paper because they keep everything moist. Baby wipes can do everything toilet paper can do (plus more). Using the bathroom at music festivals are never fun, but keep baby wipes close by because they’re compact and super sanitary.

2. Always have plenty of water

It sucks to say that you might not get the chance to shower, but it’s true. There usually aren’t many shower stations at music festivals, or if there are, you have to pay a lot of money and wait in a long line. Bringing water to shampoo, shower, and brush your teeth is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Always have extra water. Chances are, you’ll be hanging out near your campsite far away from a water source, so make sure you have large jugs of water that hold multiple gallons. Your neighbors may ask to borrow some, or you might be drinking more water because it’s drier than you thought. Also, bring many smaller water bottles that you can bring on the go.

Hydrating well is important to not get Fluchella (Flu + Coachella). All my friends who went to Coachella get sick either during or after the music festival ever year. Any multi-day music festival you end up going to will probably be in the desert or wilderness, so stay prepared and bring lots of water to always be hydrated.

3. Carry hand sanitizer

At most music festivals hand washing stations aren’t nearby, so it’s a good idea to bring hand sanitizer. If you’re out and about dancing your heart out, chances are you’ll get super hungry and seek out food. Just keep hand sanitizer in your pocket so your hands can be germ-free and ready to eat some delicious grub.

4. Wear a bandana to cover your mouth

This is less for staying fresh, and more for not getting sick (although your mouth will stay very clean). Wearing a bandana prevents dust from getting into your lungs.

5. Use baby powder to degrease your hair

Don’t walk around with oily hair. Apply baby powder to moisturize your hair and absorb all of that extra oil that accumulates when you don’t wash it.

Make sure to sprinkle some powder on your pillow at night so your scalp can absorb it and there won’t be any white residue in the morning. That way when you wake up, you’ll be ready to go out without looking dirty.

6. Get a haircut

Getting a haircut that’s short is the easiest thing you can do to stay fresh and clean.

If your hair is short, there are generally fewer things you need to do to keep it clean. You don’t need to use as much water to shampoo or condition and it’s easier to style your hair because you’ll need less product.

If you’re looking to get a fresh haircut to before the next big music festival check out Eighteen Eight La Jolla. Call (858) 216-4188 or book an appointment here.