summer grooming tips

La Jolla is the quintessential beach town. You’ll find most of us out on the water every day during the summer, or at least near it! Unfortunately, that easygoing summertime vibe can also mean the destruction of our everyday skin routines – especially when it gets super hot. Your hair and face get oilier, faster. You’re sweating in places that you really didn’t know you could sweat. And how are we supposed to even think about maintaining a beard during the summer?

Luckily, there are some simple, effective, and easy summer grooming techniques men can follow.

1. Don’t leave the house without sunscreen

The summer sun can be harsh, especially if you’re exposed to it more than usual – and there’s a fine line between being a bronzed god and ending up a little too red. A bad sunburn actually damages your skin, and frequent burns (especially those that blister) can eventually lead to skin cancer or melanoma. Use sunscreen on spots that will be most exposed, especially your face. Facial moisturizers with SPF included are a great way to include it in your morning routine; most have an SPF of 15 or higher, which is really all you need.

As far as the rest of your body goes, SPF 30 is a solid starting point unless you’re laying out or heading to the beach in just your trunks.

2. Stay moisturized

The dryness that often accompanies warmer weather can take its toll on skin pretty quickly, especially in the facial area.

3. Pomade is your friend (and so is beard oil)

Stronger than your average gel, a pomade will hold your hair in place, no matter how hot the day. If you’re always busy, the last thing you need is your hair falling all over the place when you’re trying to do something else. A good pomade can even be used minimally to tame flyaway hair on your head, or even your face. If your eyebrows seem like they have a mind of their own, or if you’re trying a new thing with your facial hair, a multi-purpose pomade will do the job of keeping everything put and lasting all day without wearing off.

4. Keep chafing at bay

Everyone has chafed in the heat of summer.

Not only can it lead to embarrassing results such as noticeable sweat marks, it can also cause you a lot of pain.

With the temperatures rising, make sure you have anti-chafe solutions ready to go.  Now days they make creams, sprays, and powders to help you prevent chafing.

There is no excuse for you to be chafing anymore!

Grab your favorite anti-chafe solution and keep some with you when you go out in case you need to reapply.

5. Wax the chest hair regularly

Summer is the perfect opportunity to showcase your chest with button down shirts.  Give your chest hair some TLC and keep it groomed. Use a body groomer (or beard trimmer) to trim it down to the length you prefer.  If you want it completely gone, waxing is a great option to keep it away. Don’t be afraid to show your chest, just make sure that it is groomed and trimmed.

6. Invest in a good aftershave

Shaving can wreak havoc on extra-dry skin in the summer, causing redness, irritation, and razor bumps. Lotion will help some areas but when you’re constantly shaving, make sure to use a high-quality aftershave balm. We love Griff’s Post-Shave Balance Balm – it moisturizes while balancing PH levels simultaneously for the ultimate shaving combo. Your follicles will also appreciate the botanical based hair growth inhibitor that slows down hair growth, while aloe vitamin E and hydrating yet cooling chill mint do their job.

Aftershave not only helps moisturize your skin, it can also help you from having ingrown hairs and keep any cuts from getting infected. Summer means you’ll be shaving more so use some aftershave to keep fresh.

Don’t let dry skin and irritation get in the way of your awesome summer – come in and see us for a straight shave or a haircut to stay cool. Book an appointment online or give us a call at (858) 216-4188.