oily skinOf all the skin types a man can have, an oily one is by far the most consistently irritating. Usually the result of testosterone triggering the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum (the skin’s natural oil), greasy skin is more prone to blackheads, whiteheads and unsightly breakouts; not to mention it can just look greasy! Luckily for us guys, there are several things we can do to clear up oil-slick skin. All you need are the right tools and a little advice from the experts at 18/8 Fine Men’s Salon La Jolla!

1. Use gentler soap

If you’ve got oily skin, you should avoid using aggressive soaps and alkaline cleansers. Though it might instinctually seem like the most sensible way to eliminate oil, it often produces the opposite reaction.

Why? Because your skin needs a balance of lubricants for protection. If you strip it of all of its natural oils, it will a) become dehydrated and probably quite sensitive, and b) it will gradually start to produce more oil in an effort to compensate for all your scouring – the last thing you want. Instead, use a glycerine-based cleanser specially formulated for oily skin, or those featuring oil-absorbing clay – we like these!

2. Skip the long showers

Heat can be a trigger for your skin to produce excess oil, so skip long, hot showers and wash your face with warm, rather than piping hot, water instead. Remember that warmer weather can also have an impact – people with oily skin can suffer more in the spring and summer. Heat causes those pesky sebaceous glands to become more active, leading to excess oil production and more shine (or breakouts).

3. Try a facial mask

Face masks aren’t for everyone, but they’re great for guys with oily skin. A clay-based or antibacterial mask is also a powerful treatment for reducing oily shine at the source: the sebaceous glands. Functioning a bit like a vacuum for the skin, masks suck up excess oil, keeping pores from becoming blocked with grease and grime and helping to prevent zits and blackheads from forming. Many of them are also super rich in antioxidants and all-natural ingredients.

Look for products containing kaolin clay and use the mask once or twice a week, taking care to avoid the delicate eye area. To improve the mask’s efficacy, apply when your pores are open – like after washing your face with warm water. You can also apply it solely to any problem areas, like the nose.

4. Exfoliate & cleanse those pores

Regularly exfoliating the skin is an integral part of any man’s grooming routine, but it’s especially critical if you have oily skin, as dead skin cells can combine with sebum to form an extra-strength mixture that clogs pores and leads to spots. Try using a gentle product so you don’t irritate the skin too much and look out for products containing salicylic acid. As well as acting as an exfoliant, this ingredient has other useful properties for guys with spot-prone, oily skin.

If your skin really needs a makeover, we offer a relaxing Skinmetics treatment that includes in-depth cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration in one.

5. Use a different moisturizer

No matter what your skin condition, pretty much all of us suffer with dehydration due to diet and lifestyle. A high quality moisturizer will add that critical hydration while also protecting your skin against everyday environmental stressors.

It’s crucial you use the right product, though. To add moisture without grease, opt for lightweight, oil-free moisturizers especially formulated for oily skin (they’re usually labeled ‘oil control‘). If spots are a problem, look for moisturizers containing salicylic acid, which will help prevent follicles from becoming blocked by grease and dead skin cells.

Tip: Always factor in sun care! Oily skin can wrinkle easily if overexposed to the sun’s UV rays. Not only that, you run the risk of sagging and developing sun spots and uneven pigmentation. Sunscreens have come a long way in recent years, so don’t be afraid to lather it on and protect your face!

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