It’s that time of year again – the beach, sunshine, and long hair. For all you surfer (and even non-surfer) types, long and wavy hair is a signature summer look. The style is basically achieved through a carefully executed mix of dehydration, salty water (ironically), and hours of sunlight. Because these hairstyles are the epitome of good vibes, they’re perfect for any dude who wants to look and feel ready for summer! Barbers in La Jolla look forward to this time of year because it’s pretty fun to give these haircuts.

What makes people seek out beach inspired hairstyles is its natural look and texture. Any guy who sports a beach look just reeks of a relaxed attitude. When most men rock long hair for long hairs sake, it tends to look messy and disorganized. But with beach hair, the shaggier the better. Whether you’re a college graduate about to enter the work force or a young dude discovering surfing, you can look laid back all the time. Salons in La Jolla give haircuts that prepare guys to be beach ready all year round, since it takes some time for the hair to grow out. 18/8 La Jolla men’s hair salon breaks down beach inspired hairstyles

What makes beach inspired hairstyles so unique from other hairstyles? It’s these 4 characteristics:

Highlights – Because surfers and beach bums are in the sun for hours, the hair naturally lightens up. The classic beach look usually has bright blonde highlights.

Long – “Beach hair, don’t care” is the most accurate reason why guys hair is so long. They just don’t care. It’s all about being loose and free to enjoy the good vibes.

Wavy – After mixing with the elements, the hair naturally becomes textured. This may be the most noticeable feature of surfer hair.

Versatile – Because the hair is so long, you can do anything with it. Options include a comb over, ponytail, parting it down the middle, or anything else your mind thinks of.

There are challenges that come with the look however. The main one is that you need to be patient. It takes a considerable amount of time to grow your hair out to the desired length. Also despite looking great for the young, the beach hairstyle may not pan out great a man 20 years deep in his career. A more conservative haircut may be more beneficial to a man in that stage of life.

beach hair

How to get epic beach hair

1. Grow Your Hair Out

Despite this being obvious, it’s one of the most important things. The beach inspired hairstyle originates from the beach bum lifestyle, which means being well-groomed and clean cut in the conventional sense is unimportant. It’s all about being loose and relaxed.

Nobody anticipated that this look would explode in popularity. Despite becoming a big thing in the 1950s, the look itself is as unchanging as the waves that make them.

2. Invest in some Salt Spray

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A mix of water, salt, and oils that dry your hair out, to get that smooth wavy texture.

If you don’t surf everyday, salt sprays are necessary for an authentic look. Just grab a salt spray to texturize and volumize your hair. Spray it daily to keep your waves.

They range from about 10-25 dollars, but they work wonders for you once. We recommend the most popular one, Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray.

3. Get a Haircut

Yes, even though you need to grow your hair out, you need a fresh haircut. The process of getting your hair to beach perfection is simple – just get a layered cut. That way, when your hair grows out, it’s in the right proportion and you look ready to hit the waves or relax on the beach.

18/8 Men’s hair salon in La Jolla knows how to give you the right beach inspired hairstyle. Besides being located right next to one of the greatest beaches in California, we bring good vibes. Call (858) 216-4188 or make an appointment here.

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