Undeniably Close Shaves From Our Glenview Barbers

The art of shaving has become something of a lost art these days. With the invention of electric and disposable razors, more men prefer this method because it saves time in their morning routine. Shaving has become a tedious chore, which is why it is not uncommon to see men these days with unruly beards to avoid these grooming frustrations – the nicks, cuts, razor burns, and other irritations. Unfortunately, because of this mindset, most men have probably never experienced the luxury of a straight shave.


Getting a straight shave is more than just a service – it’s an experience. Our Glenview, IL straight shaves will give you one of the closest and most refreshing shaves that you’ll never find anywhere else. In the hands of a skilled professional, you will be free of the pains you get from razor burns or cuts. At 18|8 Glenview, we brought back this timeless classic to provide you with high quality grooming services that will make you feel like a brand-new man!

Classic Shave

This 30-minute service starts with a hot towel treatment to relax your muscles and soften the hair particles. A hot towel has always been used in traditional barbershops, so we decided to continue this well-liked custom. We will then apply a hot lather shaving cream that moisturizes your face, so that our barbers can give you the closest and cleanest shave possible. Using only the highest quality of straight razors, our skilled professionals will expertly work their trade to leave your face feeling smoother than ever before. Once you are satisfied with your look, we complete the whole experience with an aromatic hot towel to revitalize your skin, so you can walk out of our salon feeling and looking great.

18|8 Shave Package

There’s never been a more perfect combination than pairing your freshly cut hair with a smooth straight razor shave. If you’re looking for something more and would like to have the complete salon experience, we recommend upgrading to our 18|8 Shave Package. This includes all the services detailed in our Classic Shave, but with the addition of an Executive Haircut. Treat yourself with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage while strengthening your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner treatment.

Classic & Executive Beard Trim

For many men, having a full-grown beard has served as a symbol for maturity and ruggedness. As a result, this trend has become increasingly popular and complementary to different hairstyles. Growing out your beard may seem like a straightforward process, but without proper maintenance and regular grooming, it can make you appear disheveled and lazy. With our Classic Beard Trim, you won’t have to worry about any unruly facial hairs and length differences that can potentially throw off your entire look. You can depend on our stylists and barbers to clean up your beard in a way that best suits your facial structure and style.
If you’re looking for more precision and definition in your beard, our Executive Beard Trim may be right for you. This requires the skill of an experienced barber and the use of a straight edge razor to accurately line up your beard for a sharper look. Depending on the length, our barbers can also fade your beard for a styl