No hairstyle is complete without the right products. 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons has partnered with the industry’s leading hair and grooming product companies to ensure our guests have the right products and guidance to create your desired new look at home. Our online video channel will feature latest knowledge sharing with our guests on products and services. Check it out on our Vimeo Channel.


Griff's ProductsGriff’s suite of products are steeped in heritage that harkens back to a day when products were thoughtfully crafted, well-engineered and carefully manufactured. Griff leaves no stone unturned seeking out only the finest, natural ingredients in the world universe.



Esquire Grooming ProductsA complete line of grooming essential products to clean, nourish, strengthen, and style hair regardless if it’s short, long, wavy, or broomstick straight Formulated with proven ingredients to stimulate hair growth and exfoliate the scalp—all without harsh chemicals and parabens—the Esquire Men’s Grooming Collection features expertly formulated products and useful tools for every hair type and style. Learn more about the Esquire brand.




Gib’s products tame and groom the beards, facial hair and tattoos, these high quality grooming products maintain sleek, healthy beards and ‘staches for real men. Gib’s straight-up beard oils, balm, body wash, shave gel, man bricks, mustache