Every man has his own unique, personal style when it comes to cutting and handling hair. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon – Glenview, our stylists and barbers take the time to understand your needs to give you the look you’ve always wanted. Hairstyle trends are constantly changing and can sometimes be difficult to keep up with; however, our team are experts in their trade and are skilled in cutting hair in various styles. If you’re unsure what look would work best with you, we can provide you with some direction based on your facial structure and the type of hair you have (long, wavy, thick, etc.). Whether you’re looking to come in for a trim or completely change your look, you can count on us to give you high quality service that you will not be able to find from a local barbershop. Our goal is to ensure that your experience at our Glenview, IL men’s salon is enjoyable and having you feel like the best man that you can be.

Haircuts & Styling

Classic Men’s Haircuts

Each haircut begins with a consultation between you and your stylist in order to understand your styling needs. Using only high grade styling tools, our talented stylists and barbers will expertly cut your hair in the look of your choosing while making any adjustments to the length as necessary. Then, we will lather your hair in shampoo and conditioner to deep clean and bring out its natural shine. You will be given a hot towel finish at the end of your appointment to rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed for the day.

18|8 Executive Haircut

If you’re looking for more than a standard Glenview, IL men’s haircut, you may want to upgrade to our Executive Haircut package. This includes everything detailed in our Classic Haircut service (haircut of your choosing, a shampoo and conditioner lather, and a hot towel finish), but there is also a 5 minute neck and shoulder massage. Without even realizing it, we can put a lot of stress and strain on our bodies, so why not get the most of your appointment and treat yourself with a relaxing massage.

Young Master & Distinguished Master

Who says that there is an age requirement for looking good? For children under the age of 12, our Young Master haircut includes a cut and style of your choice. Our stylists are experts in making your child feel comfortable and entertained especially if this is his first cut. Whether your child has graduation, picture day, or you just want to spruce up his look, you can count on us to have your little one looking his best.

Our Distinguished Masters are for customers over the age of 65. We believe that there is no such thing as being “too old” for the latest hairstyle trends. If anything, all things get and look better with age. Come stop by our men’s salon until 4:00 PM on Sunday through Tuesday to experience an indescribable transformation. With the help of our Glenview, IL stylists and barbers, you can be groomed into the perfect modern gentleman as a symbol of maturity and sophistication.


We understand the pains of living on a college budget, which is why we are offering a student discount from Sunday to Tuesday until 4:00 PM. You never know what job interviews or networking events might pop up that requires you to look y