18|8 Glenview is a salon built specifically for the modern gentleman. We recognize that salons for women are just that – salons for women – so we provide essential men’s grooming treatments in a luxurious, masculine environment. Whether you’re dressed to the nines or you just got that perfect haircut, if your skin care routine is non-existent, you can kiss that perfectly clean look goodbye. Our stylists specialize in men’s grooming services because we understand that every guy has their own unique styling needs. Your skin not only takes a beating with your daily shaving routine but also, it naturally produces more oil, making your skin appear shiny and form blackheads.

That’s why 18|8 Glenview offers facial and skin treatments that are designed to meet the needs of men. Even if you wash your face regularly, a professional facial will provide a deeper clean that will revitalize your skin so you feel brand new. Also, getting a facial will leave you with smoother skin, which can give you a closer shave. If you want skin that looks and feels clean, a professional facial and skin treatment from 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon is exactly what you need.

Glenview Men's Salon

In our quest to provide additional services customized for men, we now offer Skin Analysis as an add on service and using Anthony for Men products to support men’s skin health. This is done using a high magnification device that, in minutes, can sense skin type, sensitivity, pore size, skin age and discoloration. It is encouraged to do the skin analysis at least twice a year (like yearly doctor checkups) to ensure you are taking care of your skin health. We value our guests and want to go the extra mile and provide a more customized solution for your skin’s requirements.

The 18|8 Skinmetics Treatment

Just like how 18|8 is a salon just for men, the Skinmetics face and skin treatment is just for men’s skin. Over the course of 45 minutes, we make sure we cover all of the essentials so you can have healthy, good-looking skin, while also giving you a relaxing experience that 18|8 is known for. Our facial treatments use Anthony For Men skin treatment products designed specifically for men, to ensure that you look and feel at your best.

Once we get you settled into your semi-private station, we start things off with a warm towel and a complete skin cleanser treatment to wash away the dirt and oils from your skin using a specific Anthony glycolic cleanser based on your skin type. Once your face is clean, our stylist will be able to analyze your skin and specific areas of your face to know exactly what kind of treatment will be best for your skin. Next, we move on to exfoliation using a facial scrub, which will help clear up your skin and prepare it to receive the vital nutrients that we’ll be applying later on. We apply a clay mask depending on the sensitivity of the skin. The final step is moisturizing, which will help seal in all of those nutrients from the serum, while also making sure that your skin retains moisture and stays soft instead of drying o using an SPF 30 facial moisturizer. We will also touch up any fine lines around your eyes, and apply face and eye anti-aging treatments that will help heal sun damaged skin and protect you from further damage.

The Skinmetics Package

Our Skinmetics package is designed with true modern gentlemen in mind. For those who want to look their best and feel their best, this package takes our complete Skinmetics treatment and makes it even better with the addition of the 18|8 signature Executive Haircut so you have a good-looking head on your shoulders. Our expert stylists will make sure that your skin in cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated, plus give you a perfect haircut that matches your style. We even kick the relaxation factor up a notch with the neck, shoulder, and scalp massage and an added aromatic hot towel finish to leave you feeling completely refreshed.

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Stop by our Glenview, IL men’s salon! We are proud to have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are experts in the art of men’s grooming. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to give us a call or text us at (224) 231-5188. We also have an online form you can fill out if you’re unable to get to a phone. We look forward to seeing you soon!