At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Glenview, we’re committed to providing a premier level of service with a carefully crafted unique and unforgettable experience to our customers. If you’re a professional that has the talent and the passion for reaching the highest levels of your craft, you need a place where you can use your skills to their fullest potential, and they can be developed further in order to achieve new heights. 18|8 is the perfect place to start fresh or just begin a new chapter in your career.


We support our barbers and stylists on every step in their career journey, as they progress from Centre to Senior to Master Stylist. We even offer opportunities for you to develop into a Manager or National Educator role.

Our stylists and barbers are seconded for training and certification after 1 year of service and meeting salon objectives to the 18|8 Academy and Training Center at Irvine, CA. The focus over the multi day sessions are to pursuit craft and business excellence.

In addition, we have monthly in salon and external training from our partners like American Crew, Esquire, Gibs, CosmoProf, etc.

Careers at 18|8 Glenview

We provide professional marketing to support and grow your business through local marketing and social media advertising.

Stylist Career Glenview, IL

We conduct in salon events to create marketing buzz and partner with other top brands to do cross marketing.