Hair Coloring Services For Men

18|8 Glenview Men's Coloring Services You have the cut, the precisely trimmed bear, and a fashion sense that is on point, but what about you hair and beard color? 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons is committed to every step of men’s grooming services. Women’s salons just don’t understand what a man of your caliber needs and [...]

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Common Skincare Mistakes

5 Men’s Skincare Mistakes Men, taking proper care of your skin is not an action exclusively reserved for the opposite sex. In fact, having clean, clear, and healthy skin can be an attraction many women have towards men. You don’t want to be a 25 year old that looks like he’s 30. No, proper skincare [...]

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Rediscovering the Classic Shave

Glenview & Northbrook’s Finest Shave Parlor Gentlemen, put your dull, disposable razor where it belongs… the trash! Experience shaving the way it was meant to be. The classic straight razor shave is relaxing, comfortable, easier on your skin and downright masculine. The straight shave is one of the few activities that is, and forever will [...]

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Best Men’s Hairstyles By Facial Features

Choosing a Hairstyle Based on the Shape of Your Face It's never fun to get a haircut only to realize later that it wasn't the right cut for you. Even though hairstyle trends are always changing, most styles are not suited for everyone as some hairstyles will look better on people with certain face shapes. [...]