Straight Razor Shaves

Man receiving a straight razor shave at the barber shop. 18|8 Elm Grove has combined the classic barbershop with the modern salon to offer the men of greater Milwaukee area grooming services unlike any other. We’ve included the most iconic and timeless of them all, the straight razor shave. Even though the evolution of the disposable razor has improved the tiresome process of shaving, it’s still a chore that most guys would probably rather avoid. That’s where 18|8 Elm Grove comes in. We’re so good at it that it’s not uncommon for our guests to fall asleep while receiving a straight razor shave. Let’s face it, that level of trust is about the highest compliment you can pay your barber.

Our Shaving Method

At a fundamental level, shaving is about removing unwanted hair. But how that mission is accomplished varies widely. At 18|8 Elm Grove, it’s a relaxing and luxurious process that includes a series of Bay Rum hot face towels, professional-grade products, and extremely well-trained barbers wielding the highest quality razors.

Regardless of the shave service you select, you can expect for your service to start with aromatic hot towels to open your pores, high quality shave oils to soften your hair, and the application of shaving products with a badger brush to help your hair stand up. Based on your hair, a combination of cream, gel, and hot lather will be used during the shave. A first pass will remove most of your hair; after a second application of shave oil, more hot towels, and a fresh blade, your barber will make a second pass to ensure that you receive the closest shave possible. Your service will conclude will a selection of products to protect and moisturize your skin, prevent ingrown hairs, and close your pores.

The Classic Shave (Centre $36 / Senior $38 / Master $40)

Just like our approach to haircutting, we invest in ongoing shave education and adhere to an advanced method to ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience for our guests. Our 14-step shaving protocol combines a combination of strokes – freehand, backhand, reverse freehand, and reverse backhand – to tailor the shave to your hair type and growth patterns. This is the traditional straight razor shave, modernized and perfected.

Shave Line-up (Centre $18 / Senior $19 / Master $20)

For the bearded gentleman, this is the Classic Shave treatment on the cheeks and neckline. Your beard will be perfectly defined and you’ll enjoy all the relaxation of the straight razor shaving experience. Many of our guests like to pair a shave line-up with a beard trim.

Head Shave (Centre $40 / Senior $42 / Master $44)

Men of all ages shave their head for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re considering your first head shave or you’ve been rocking the look for years, your 18|8 Elm Grove barber can deliver a great experience and a professional result.

Your Fine Men’s Salon

We offer a full suite of expertly-crafted grooming services. After you’ve experienced our incredible shaves, try some of our other popular services and let us simplify your entire grooming regimen:

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