Men’s Hair Coloring Services

Whether you’re not excited about the grays that are starting to appear on your head, you don’t prefer your natural color, or just want to try something new, the 18|8 Chicago team is here for you. Our Chicago men’s hair coloring services are designed to help you find the perfect look. After all, finding the ideal hairstyle isn’t just limited to a great haircut. We hope you’ll stop by our Chicago barbershop and take advantage of the many hair coloring services that we offer!

Hair Coloring

The truth is that more and more men are starting to utilize hair coloring…and honestly, why not? Hair coloring is an excellent way to help a man find just the look that suits him perfectly. Even if you’re not completely sure what that look is quite yet, our professional stylists are experts and will be able to help determine what would best fit with your personality and the rest of your look. We even offer both permanent and non-permanent dye so that you’ll have the option to experiment with different colors before choosing the one you like most.

Beard Coloring

Remember – it’s not just the hairs on the top (and sides) of your head that require attention – your beard needs some love as well! Here at our Chicago men’s salon, we also offer beard coloring. This service can bring out the natural color in your beard, make sure that your facial hair matches the hair on top of your head, and conceal any gray hairs.


Highlights are capable of taking your haircut to new heights by giving it a more pronounced, contrasting look. The highlights will demand attention while also complimenting your hair’s natural color. Our salon offers both pronounced and subtle highlights; if you’re unsure which one you want, just let us know. Our stylists will be glad to use their expertise to help decide which is best for you!

Professional Gray Blending

If you worry about getting a little too gray, don’t feel bad – it’ll happen to just about all of us! Having said that, the truth is that a little gray on a man can be very attractive; the key is that you keep it under control. Through our professional gray blending, our stylists will use their advanced techniques to mix your grays in with your natural hair color. The gray will only show where you want it to, which will give off a perfect blend of wisdom and youth. The semi-permanent coloring that we use will fade gradually in time, which means that it’ll cut down on the visibility of your roots between your gray blending appointments.

Visit Your Chicago Barbershop!

If you’re interested in our Chicago hair coloring or any of our other services, we invite you to come visit us sometime! To schedule an appointment with us, feel free to give us a call at (312) 874-7188 or fill out our easy online form. We can’t wait to see you and help you find the style that’s just right for you!