With today’s busy lifestyles, you may not have much time for yourself. Partners, jobs, kids, volunteer work, and other commitments all seem to drag you in dozens of different directions 24/7. That’s why you need 18|8, the new men’s salon in Chicago’s River North, made just for busy working professionals like you. We can get you in on your lunch break and free up your after-work time for fun and family. Want to hear more? Here are the top four reasons you need to visit Chicago’s 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon on your lunch break.

1. 18|8 Is Conveniently Located.
We’re your neighborhood haircutter. You’ll find our convenient River North location a super convenient walk, train, or drive away. Located right by the Loop, you can swing by and relax with a quick cut or salon service, and head back to work with enough time to grab some food.

2. 18|8 Is The Perfect Work Break.
Work is stressful. While it’s tempting to work through lunch trying to get that next big promotion or give that client a little extra attention, lunch is a great time to walk away. Walk away from the stresses of your life and into our relaxing 18|8 River North Men’s Salon environment. It’s a men’s salon made JUST for you. With a variety of services, from haircuts and grooming services to massages, you won’t be disappointed that you took a break to pamper yourself.

3. 18|8 Provides Quality Men’s Hair Salon Services in A Flash
The professional stylists at 18|8 understand you want quality services but still have a limited amount of time for your lunch break. Our salon professionals are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Just ask check out what our customers are already saying. We also keep our appointments on schedule and can offer a cut or other spa service within the time frame you need. Just let us know when you make your barbershop appointment, and we’ll make sure of it.

4. 18|8 Has A Variety Of Services You’ll Love
Our  world-class Chicago barbershop will amaze you not only with our friendly, professional service and relaxing atmosphere, we’ll wow you with the variety of services we offer. Sure, you can grab one of our signature Executive Style Haircuts, no problem. But if your hair is already trim and you still need a break, come on over for a rejuvenating men’s facial or scalp treatments to revitalize your skin. Perhaps you are in need of a professional shave or some beard coloring? Massage? Waxing? Even a MAN-icure can be a lunchtime treat.

You Choose The Fifth Reason To Visit 18|8

Clear your lunch schedule right now and make your appointment today at Chicago’s favorite neighborhood barbershop. You’ll find the fifth reason and many more to get to 18|8 Men’s Salon on your next lunch break. Maybe it will be our new client special? You can use our convenient online appointment form or call us today at (312) 874-7188. It will be one lunch appointment you won’t want to miss.